Working Remotely Following COVID-19

The spread of the coronavirus across the world is starting to slow for many as countries prepare to return to a life of normalcy where possible – businesses across the world are starting to re-open on a tentative basis and some of the countries who were previously hit the hardest such as Spain and Italy have already announced that they plan to allow international travel for tourism to get back underway throughout July – as other countries hit their stride of recovery, similar news is expected to follow – this is already true within the UK as airlines have announced their plans for reopening too with sights lined up for summer holiday travel throughout June and July. A group of people this may impact most are the digital nomads as their working schedules have been disrupted heavily due the lockdown measures, and the Digital Nomad World has a number of guides to help get back on track.

Public Connections and 5G – Many digital nomads rely on the access to public internet connections through café’s and libraries for example to do their work – as many of these locations have been closed since March that hasn’t been an option available, but as these businesses are starting to slowly re-open, so does the option for digital nomads to access the connections. The introduction of 5G is important for digital workers too – boasting up to 100Gbps download and upload speeds, it provides more possibilities for what the digital nomad is able to do whilst working remotely – the 5G connection will oftentimes be much better than what is available both publicly and privately. It is also important to note that whilst in many of these public locations, social distancing rules will need to be upheld as well as many locations running at a reduced capacity.

Travel – A big benefit for the digital nomad lifestyle is the ability to travel to different locations to work uninterrupted – something that has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. As mentioned many countries are now preparing for international travel through June and July, much like most public businesses there is the possibility that these will be running at a reduced capacity with delays, but the option to travel will be back for many and as time goes by capacity will only increase – there is some difficult times ahead as historically there have been price drops followed by increases, which may disrupt travel for many.

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For those who aren’t digital nomads, working remotely may still be the future for many of us – surveys suggest that the majority would like to continue to work from home on a more permanent basis as well as some employers also supporting the idea – there will no doubt be some research into just how successful these past few months have been for productivity and employee satisfaction, but initial signs are looking very promising and as something that had been previously thought as a bit of an experimental idea may become a mainstay in many of our daily working lives.

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