Why You Should Only Use Stainless Steel Nails and Not the Low Quality Alternatives

Carpenters all over the world will tell you that you should only work with stainless steel nails if you want to create something that is of excellent quality. This is reiterated by various other professionals in a range of different industries. It is of particularly importance in woodwork, as we will explore, but the reality is that stainless steel is simply a better, more durable material regardless of the application in which it is used. Added to that the fact that they are far more user friendly because they don’t need any large entry holes, and it should be clear why you should stay away from the various other low quality alternatives. Best of all, stainless steel nails aren’t expensive, so why should work with anything else

If you live in an area where atmospheric humidity is high, such as near water or in tropical areas, you will know how easy it is for something to rust. Even if you don’t leave your items outdoors, this issue will continue to exist. Water and iron do not like each other, and iron will respond by oxidizing. This rust is very fine, which means that you also get the appearance of “leaks”, which looks like rust running down a wall or any other structure. Anything made of iron rusts, regardless of size. When it oxidizes, it also loses a lot of structural integrity, which means it is prone to snap or break off. The result is that you will have items that are stained and discolored and that will break with the slightest bit of pressure. In order to fix that, you will have to fork out serious amounts of money and it is unlikely that your item will truly be restored to new.

Stainless steel, on the other hand, is incredibly strong and durable. Hence, even the smallest nails will hold things together. Because they don’t oxidize, they won’t lose any of their integrity and they won’t start to stain either. Because these nails can be so small, they are almost fully hidden, particularly when used in woodwork. In terms of aesthetic value, this is actually very important. The fewer nails you can see, the more value is attached to an item. If you then add to this that the nail is stainless steel, meaning that the item will last for generations, and the price will go up even more. If you are interested in woodwork yourself, perhaps as a hobby or to sell items, then this is a very important consideration.

Stainless steel is an absolutely amazing product. Not only does it last forever and does it not rust, it is also hypoallergenic. It is very rare for people to have any allergies to the metal. In fact, the only metal that poses even less risk of allergy is titanium, but you wouldn’t want to use those in woodwork or other construction materials.

If you are interested in woodwork or other manual construction, stainless steel is the way to go.

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