Why Should You Choose Linux VPS?


One of the most critical decisions you will need to make when starting a website is where and how to choose your hosting. VPS is an abbreviate for a virtual private server. It is a bit similar to a dedicated server to the extent that your website will be hosted on a dedicated virtual section of a server. This offers a number of significant advantages over your other options. It is important to bear in mind that even though Linux is an operating system just like Windows, there are a number of differences. 

Linux VPS 300x144 Why Should You Choose Linux VPS?Linux Is Cheaper:

Linux will always be cheaper than a Windows VPS, primarily due to the fact that it is open source. This means that your web host will not be required to pay monthly licensing fees for use of the platform. This normally results in a monthly savings of at least $15 to $20. Although your host will most likely already have the platform available, you can just as easily download and use this free of charge.

Reliable & Supports Popular Technology:

Additional benefits of Linux include the facts that it is highly reliable and can support the most popular technology. These servers can be heavily optimized (so can the applications which are used) in order to use less system resources. You will also be able to support and run Apache, MySQL, PHP, and a number of other popular applications. This provides a wide range of uses including serving websites from a content database and doing URL rewriting to make PHP pages appear more user friendly.

It also seems as if many more of the newer and most popular tools, features and applications work better with Linux. Try running something like WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla on a Windows server and you will soon notice a number of issues. On Linux, everything rolls along very smoothly with almost no issues at all. Plus, it works with hundreds more applications.

Linux Offers Enhanced Security:

Part of the attraction of Linux is that it much easier to customize this platform. Due to it being an open source program you are able to really change it around in order to suit specific needs. You simply cannot do this with windows. As a server, Linux therefore offers much better security, capable of keeping your site safe from just about everything. This also allows a greater level of control.

Choosing Linux Requires Research:

The ideal candidate for choosing a Linux server will be someone who wants a higher level of control over their site, but does not want to spend the extra money that would be required from a Windows server platform. Possibly, your host likes Linux better and suggests that this is the option you go with, or you can always manage the site yourself (Linux would make managing your own site much easier).

The real key is how to choose the right Linux VPS host for your needs. Find out the specific options that each host or company is offering. Then compare that not only what you need specifically, but also what you would like to have. Then, take a look at several other hosts just to make sure you are getting a good deal and that the applications and options are all in line with what they should be.

Written by Jeremy Garcia. Jeremy is very knowledgeable in Xen VPS Hosting and Cloud VPS Hosting.

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