Why It’s an Advantage to Have In-House Security for Your Business

The point of the matter is this: threats in security are more prevalent these days, especially in the business sector. Whether you have a small neighbourhood enterprise or a large multinational organisation, the security of your company is of prime importance, wouldn’t you agree? And this is precisely where the benefits of an in-house security department come in.

Of course, you can always rely on a contract security service for your business, but in-house security has its own set of advantages as well.


The functions of in-house security

Big companies like Tesco and Sainsbury’s have had their own in-house security divisions for years. These companies have shown the reliability and efficiency of having your own security department. But when we are speaking of in-house security, what exactly is its function? On the face of it, the function of a security division is quite simple: to provide security in all aspects of business operations. So this means that the division does not just provide security in the physical sense – it also provides security when it comes to cyber threats, internal threats like employee fraud and external security threats. Having your own in-house security division means that you no longer have to rely on a variety of outside services for either physical security, cyber security or more – it is all under one roof or department.

What to consider with in-house security advantages

Training is important for the in-house security staff. Whilst you may have to invest a bit of time and effort for this at the beginning, the reward is that when the training is completed, your staff is fully equipped and knowledgeable and can train future security staff themselves.

One benefit brought by having your own in-house security compared to contract security is the fact that the turnover rate is lower. Your in-house security staff will see the job as more permanent and will also amass more loyalty to your organisation. Hence, a lower turnover rate compared to contract security services.

Having your own security division also fosters a more harmonious, comfortable relationship with your staff and those in the security department. Your other employees will see the security department staff as part of the company, and will therefore treat them with ease and be more comfortable and open with them.

An additional service that gives your in-house security a boost

Regardless if you already have your own security department or are still contemplating having one, there are certain services that would undoubtedly help your security staff perform more efficiently. One of these is external transcription services, which come in particularly handy in dispute cases, fraud investigations and other conflicts where one party has to prove the guilt or innocence of another. Disciplinary cases and investigations of theft or fraud are complemented by a transcription service like www.alphabetsecretarial.co.uk, as your security staff will be able to rely on a professional transcript of meetings and hearings and will have more time to concentrate on the actual investigation or dispute itself.

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