Why is it sensible to use a courier?

sensible to use a courier

With the increase in postage costs, strike action and average-at-best service, it is no wonder that many companies choose to use a courier service over standard postal services.  Using a courier is a sensible and cost effective option for businesses needing flexible and affordable delivery support, particularly of time-sensitive and bulky items.

sensible to use a courier 300x225 Why is it sensible to use a courier?Here, we highlight some of the best reasons for your company to use a courier:

Same day collection

Many couriers will pick up your parcel the same day that you phone in the request, saving you the trouble of standing around in busy post office queues.

Same day delivery

Parcels and packages can also be delivered on the same day (depending on destination) and this essential service is often used for urgent time-sensitive documents.

Many couriers also work with retail companies, providing an affordable and cost effective same-day delivery service for their goods. Only a handful of retailers use this, allowing them to differentiate themselves by delivering a better service and increased customer satisfaction.

Competitive prices

Whilst the postal service used to offer real competition to couriers on price, rising costs have meant that this is no longer the case. When it comes to express or overnight shipping, particularly of heavy or bulky goods that are travelling within a sixty mile radius, using a courier is usually a significantly better option since it is distance rather than weight that impacts courier quotes.


Courier services operate 24/7 and can collect and deliver parcels any time. They offer service through evenings, weekends and even public holidays, when standard postal services have stopped running.


Using a courier is a good option where special care or a personalised solution is required. Couriers can work with your company to deliver what is needed, in contrast with standard postal services which are offered on a ‘one size fits all’ basis. Whether you need collection and delivery of sensitive or perishable items, out-of-hours delivery of critical vehicle or machine parts, or a regular delivery of a shipment seven days a week, couriers offer more flexibility than standard postal services.

Range of services

Couriers often offer more options than the standard postal service, such as legal process serving, and white glove delivery where the courier will bring a bulky item into the building, unpackage it, remove the packaging and take away the old item where appropriate.

Assured standards

Courier companies tend to provide a high standard of service than the regular postal services by putting in place insurance for all deliveries, performance standards for their drivers, background checks, shipment tracking and other features designed to deliver higher standards that you won’t get with ordinary postage. A courier can become a trusted and integral part of your business and manage aspects of your operations – for example, being responsible for moving inventory between your locations.

Reduced in-house logistics

Some businesses need to maintain in-house company fleets, and to cope with seasonal spikes it is necessary to take on more staff than are needed all year round. Companies can save money by outsourcing to couriers extra deliveries due to seasonal or temporary spikes.


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