Which is the Online Learning Tool for You?

The use of electronic media and information and communication technologies in education is becoming increasingly popular. And it’s easy to see why. Encompassing everything from text and images to videos and audio, e learning is cost effective and material can be taught across vast distances. It can even be used in conjunction with traditional face-to-face education in the latest trend, blended learning.

The question is: Which is the most suitable online learning tool for you? Here is a roundup of some of the most common methods used in e learning courses and their benefits:


Webinars or web-based seminars use video conferencing software to transmit lessons across the web. It is like virtual attendance in a classroom so that a student can experience a presentation, lecture or workshop without physically being in attendance. These webinars are interactive and allow students to communicate with the teacher directly if they have any questions in real-time.

For webinars to work all parties must have access to an internet connection with a large bandwidth for streaming the content. If the bandwidth is not large enough the calls may drop and interaction will fall or even stop completely. An easy way of combating this is by inviting students to a nearby learning centre which will have the technology to support the class. There are many of these across the UK meaning travelling is minimal.


Videos and podcasts are a great way of learning if you cannot commit a set few hours on selective dates. This flexible teaching method allows students to learn at any time anywhere as long as they have a mobile electronic device. They can even be downloaded and played later on in the day if there is no access to Wi-Fi.

Community Learning Portals

Community learning portals use shared areas to produce forums and blogs where teaching resources can be posted and topics can be discussed. Many people state that they learn better when they are working as part of a group and these portals transform programmes into learning environments of online collaboration. Often there is even a chat option so you can privately message other participants.

Online Books

Gone are the days where you had to walk to the library, search for a book and rent it out for a few days. You no longer have the worry that someone else may have it booked out when you need it you can read it whenever you like and as many times as you’d like these days. There is also never the fear that a volume will go out of print!

Electronic books saved as pdfs are a great resource for students as they appear just as an actual book would but digitalised. If you have an e-reader you may like to download these as reading material while on the move.

Are you a visual learner? Or perhaps you learn better kinaesthetically or audibly? Discovering this may help you decide which of these online tools would suit you best.


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