What You Need To Know Before Applying For A Car Title Loan

When you need money fast, one of your first options might be to apply for a car title loan. This type of loan is a great option if you are facing financial difficulty and know that you do not qualify for other types of loans because of bad credit. The biggest benefit of a car title loan is that you can be approved for the loan without any credit check.


But while these loans are extremely helpful and convenient, there are several things that you should take into consideration before applying. First and foremost, you want to make sure that you are working with a reputable company and that the information they are providing you is reliable. You have nothing to worry about with larger companies, like TitleMax, but when you start working with smaller companies, make sure they are knowledgeable and trustworthy.


Be Informed


Because car title loans are emergency loans meant to get you money fast, it can be easy to forego reading about them and becoming informed about their terms and conditions. But rest assured, you will be better off in the long run if you take a little bit of extra time to learn about what you are getting into. Car title loans normally have a quick payback window  so make sure you know about things like the requirements to get the loan, length of the loan, interest rates, any fees, how to make payments, and so on.


Most car title loans work in similar ways, with similar payment terms. These are short term loans, so they might be a higher risk when it comes to the total cost of the loan when all is said and done. What you want to look at and compare are other costs, like loan fees or penalties for not making timely payments. These can be tricky, as companies will not disclose them right away.




Any car title company will answer questions and have information to help you, but it doesn’t mean that it is all reliable. Before working with a loan company, make sure that the company is reliable and that the information they are providing you is accurate. And more importantly, make sure that the company is transparent and not withholding anything that might cost you money later. A good place to start is by reading reviews to learn about experiences from other borrowers.


While borrower reviews are intended to be helpful, make sure you are reading them with a grain of salt. For the most part they will be informative, but like any company, some people will rant about something beyond the company’s control. Legitimate comments can be helpful in determining which loan companies to work with.


Car title loans, although fast and easy, are risky. The more you know about them going into it, the better off you will be when paying them off. The most important thing to know is the repayment terms. Make sure you are able to make the payments within the time allotted to ensure that you do not lose your car or any more money.

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