What To Expect From The Release Of 5G?

For many of us the next stage of networking is just around the corner and for others it may already be in place, just a little spotty, but there are a lot of changes that come with 5G that will have a big impact on your day to day life, whether through mobile use or other home uses. So what can you expect from the introduction of 5G, and what impact can it have on you?

A better connection at home – Something that’s often being overlooked by many has been within the options available for home users, at a theoretical max 5G will offer download and upload speeds of up to 10Gbps, much higher than the national average for many countries that sits around 50Mbps or lower, and as data caps come down in price the availability for home users to use their mobile data as a primary form of connection, especially with these increasing speeds. It’s also a possibility for many that it may force home ISP’s to change their model to catch up with this changing network and start offering a better service to homeowners.

(Image from techradar.com)

More capacity, more connections – One of the limiting factors with current networking in 4G is the capacity that is offered, you may have noticed if you’ve ever been in a very busy location such as a big city that your speeds slow down or drop off completely, this should be combat by 5G as that network capacity is set to increase massively providing users with a much wider band to access and allow for more users on the network at any given time.

The speeds are important too – As mentioned with the first point, the speeds are set to be a theoretical max of both 10Gbps upload and download which is a huge deal – current download speeds tend to top out at around 100Mbps and upload speeds usually less than 10Mbps, and to put in to perspective the difference being made, a two-hour movie could take between three and five minutes on current 4G connections, right down to mere seconds on 5G. This also opens up the opportunity for newer tech or mobile habits too, factors like online gaming require a constant and fast connection for example and this may allow for changes in these markets to open up these opportunities.

The fastest growing market on mobile devices has been within gaming as it now captures over fifty percent of gaming across all platforms, despite changes in online protection methods through initiatives such as Gamstop aimed at preventing problem players from accessing certain games, despite this there are a growing number of casinos and betting sites not on gamstop helping to fuel the growth of the market – it’s certain that the introduction of 5G will continue this trend and push the growth of these mobile sectors as more people have growing and faster access that is undisturbed by previously mentioned factors such as the number of users on the market – it’s an exciting time for mobile growth in general, and if you’re an active user of these services you’ll be getting a huge benefit

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