What Should You Know About Your Competition?

When a business is launched, there are many things that have to be taken into account. You need to worry about various really important tasks so it should be no surprise to see that many business owners forget about analyzing the competition.

Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur these days but if you do not pay close attention to business competition, it is a certainty your experience will not be a great one. It is impossible to succeed without understanding what the competition does and how it can impact you.

Fortunately, analyzing your competition is easier than ever. All you need to do is take the needed steps to actually do it in a proper way. The following tips will help you do exactly that.

Identifying The Competition

The common misconception is that there is no competition because a product or a service is unique. No matter how unique it is, competition does exist. In many cases it is quite obvious. For instance, with dui Attorneys in Springfield, other attorneys specialized in DUI cases make up the competition. In others, it is much more difficult to identify the competition. However, it should be seen as mandatory.

Remember that in order for someone to buy your products, he/she needs to use money that was used for something else till now.

SWOT Analysis

After identifying the competitors, the SWOT analysis should be done. Make sure you list absolutely all strengths, threats, opportunities and weaknesses that the company you run ends up facing. Always be objective. If this is not possible, trusted advisors are needed so that you obtain third-party insight. Getting that objective view guarantees your SWOT analysis was properly done.

Identify What Sets You Apart

The services and products you sell should be put in context with what the competition offers. Think about absolutely all services and products, including those that you will not offer and others offer. The idea is to identify exactly what makes you sell better.

It is always possible that the competition does something a lot better than you. If this is the case, you need to avoid focusing on that. The best way to sell something is to convince someone of why the product should be bought. You do this by focusing on your very own USP.

Customer Service

A huge reason why a company ends up being more successful than another is how customers are treated. Customer relations have to be a huge priority and you can learn so much about what works and what does not work when you see what the competition does. Basically, look at how the competition treats customers and think about how this process can be better with your company. This can actually bring in more sales than investing a lot of money in marketing campaigns.


This one should be obvious but it can be neglected. Be sure that your prices are competitive since so many customers choose based on how much will be paid. In the event that your price is higher, it needs to be so due to a really good reason.

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