What Does Google Hummingbird Mean To You?


Most webmasters understand the value of good SEO. However, SEO has changed over the past five years. Instead of creating pages stuffed with keywords, the landscape has changed to make social sharing of quality content more important. As Google unveils its Hummingbird algorithm, how will it impact the ability of online content creators to get their content ranked highly in search results?

Google Hummingbird What Does Google Hummingbird Mean To You?Context Matters 

Hummingbird is going to analyze each word in a search query to determine which pages match up best with the given keywords. In the past, a search query that had the phrase Buffalo Bills could have had search results that included debt advice in New York. This was because the search engine wasn’t good enough to realize that the Buffalo Bills are a football team and the query had nothing to do with bills as it relates to personal finance. With Hummingbird, the quality of search results will improve, and content creators will have to use keywords in a contextually appropriate manner to get ranked highly in the search results.

You Have To Develop A Relationship With Your Reader 

The onus is on the content creator to create something that readers would like to link to and share. While social sharing was emphasized during the Panda era, it will be even more critical to create and foster relationships with your readers and other online influencers. Therefore, you have to be willing to take the time to build your site from scratch without taking any shortcuts to achieve your goals. If you are not willing to take that time, Google will decline to index your page or will let it languish on page 349 of the search results.

Voice Recognition Should Be Improved 

People use their voice to conduct online searches in increasing numbers. Unfortunately, voice recognition software is not always able to transfer the spoken word into the search box with 100 percent accuracy. As Hummingbird continues to make a larger impact on mobile users, expect an better experience when you use your voice to search for information on Google.

Hummingbird is going to revolutionize how searches are indexed and pages are ranked in the search results. The old days of quickly ranking for a keyword may be over in favor of posting quality content over a period of time to make your site an authoritative source. In many ways, Google Hummingbird forces content creators to rely more on building relationships with readers and less on using keywords to get cheap page hits.

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