What Can We Expect Out Of 3D Printers In The Future

3D Printers

There are various new finds that make us sit up and watch in wonder. Some of them vanish after their 15 seconds of fame and some are here to stay. 3D printing is a technology that is here to stay. Even though it has gained a sudden surge in popularity, the technology has been here for some years. Indeed, it was in the year 1984, the first working 3D printer was created. A 3D printer works by taking inputs from a computer and translating the measurements or the input design into a solid object.

3D Printers In The Future 300x163 What Can We Expect Out Of 3D Printers In The FutureThe material for printing can vary from printer to printer. Once the printer gets the design, it starts building the object by spraying tiny amounts of the material layer by layer according to the design until the object is created. It is similar to the traditional printer spraying ink on the paper according to the input. The difference here is the material that is used by the printer and that the output is a three dimensional object. This technology has a huge potential and can be used in a variety of fields.

Many companies around the world have started manufacturing 3D printers for home use.  It is true that these printers are more expensive than the standard printers. The cartridges are quite expensive, but it is a whole new way of creating objects. 3D printing can also be called as Additive Manufacturing. It means that the object is created by adding many layers of the base material based on a design that is digitally input. There are multiple types of printers in the market for creating different types of objects. When you get a 3D printer for home use, you get an option of buying a printer that takes plastic as input and creates toys and similar objects made of plastic. Another recent introduction in the market is a 3D printer that can give you chocolates of different shapes and sizes. All you have to do is design your own chocolates in all imaginable shapes or designs and the printer will churn them out in no time at all.

We can agree that these kind of printers for home use might not stay useful for long. There is of course a limit to how much chocolates you will want or how many toys you will create. But these are only sneak peeks in to the potential of the printer. Even though the first 3D printer was created three decades back, not a lot of break-through has happened after that. One of the beneficial uses of this technology is the building of homes. The heavy duty 3D printers are now being used to create homes at cheap costs.
Currently most of the printers for home use are designed with single head or dual heads. Each printer head will be able to hold a cartridge which will output the specific material. Some home use 3D printers are offering up to 18 colors and the size of the parts which can be produced using these printers vary.

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