What are the things that you must consider before you decide to rent a home

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Rent house What are the things that you must consider before you decide to rent a homeThere are several reasons for renting homes; you may want to begin a new life with your family in a home or you could be a student wanting to rent close to your college or university. Therefore, based on the purpose of your renting a home, the time period will vary as well. In any case, renting is a daunting task, whether you are planning to stay in a rented home for a year or a month, once you’re in, you’re in and there is nothing that can be undone. Therefore, whilst you are contemplating as to which of the properties in Kolkata you should opt for, you should also mull over the following aspects that will make sure that you have all the information in place so as to avoid any unpleasant surprises at a later stage.

1.     Think twice before you sign the lease for renting:

Sure, you are not buying the house and calling it your own; but you need to understand the fact that it is your home for the period decided and a lease, is, essentially, a legal element that keeps the contract together. In the absence of the lease, things can fall out of place and therefore, once you sign the lease, there is no backing out. This is one reason why you need to be very careful when renting and signing the lease as you will have to put up with certain things even if you are not willing or up for it.

2.     Understand the consequences of customizing the rented apartment:

While your rented home may fit your budget seamlessly, the appearance may leave you less than thrilled and you may want to make a few tweaks here and there. However, before you get down with the work, it is important that you have a word with your landlord regarding the same. Whether you want to hang family photos or simply paint the wall another colour; whether you wish to make changes to the lighting or bring about other such changes to the overall structure of the home, you will need your landlord’s approval before you sign the lease for the renting; in the absence of which, the landlord is legally allowed to charge you a plump fine or have you driven out of the home under the pretext of causing damage to the property.

3.     Consider reporting any damages that you come across before you sign the lease:

When hunting for properties in Kolkata, you may come across the perfect one to rent for a particular time period. You may find that certain areas of the home are in fact, slightly imperfect, say chipped paint or a broken window pane and the likes that you may be willing to ignore. However, it is important that you mention these to your landlord before signing the lease and have him document this under a ‘pre-existing damage’ so as to save you the trouble of paying the fine for the damages when you are moving out.

4.     Rules on Pets:

You may consider your little pug a part of the family but the landlord may have some strict reservations when it comes to animals or birds living in homes. Therefore, before you sign the lease, you may want to clarify with your landlord concerning the pets so as to not face any issues later on. If you sign the lease for a property that does not allow pets, you may put the life of your pet at stake as you will have to look for other arrangements.

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