What Are the Reasons Why You Might Choose a Desktop Over a Laptop Computer?

Desktop Over a Laptop Computer

More laptops than desktops sell every year. People tend to opt for laptops because they can be used anywhere, and give you the most flexibility. However, if portability isn’t an important factor for you, you can actually get a lot of benefits by choosing a desktop instead of a laptop.

Desktop Over a Laptop Computer What Are the Reasons Why You Might Choose a Desktop Over a Laptop Computer?

Whether you are choosing a Windows based PC or a Mac, you can get a number of advantages by sacrificing the ability to take your computer out everywhere you go. Now that you are likely to be able to access a lot of computer services from your smartphone or tablet, the need to have a laptop is actually lesser, so it is very worth considering the ways in which a desktop could be a better choice.

Here are some of the reasons why you may want to consider a desktop instead of a laptop for your main computer:

Better Performance for Your Money

Whether you are looking to spend a large amount of money or are looking for a cheap computer, you will always get more for your money if you go for the desktop option. If you simply need something for web browsing and basic office packages, for example if you are a student or need a computer to work from at home using things like Word and Excel, then you can buy cheap desktop computers from sites like Gumtree second hand, or you can buy new or refurbished computers from places like Amazon. You will get more memory, more processing power, and possibly a better operating system included for your money by doing this than buying a laptop. If you are looking at the upper end of the market, perhaps for the ideal machine to play games on, then you can also get more by choosing a desktop.

Easier Maintenance

Laptops can be hard to operate on if there are problems – even if there is simply dirt in the workings it can be hard to take a laptop apart and clean it. With a desktop PC, even someone with virtually no computer maintenance experience or knowledge can perform basic cleaning and maintenance with no trouble at all.


A desktop computer is much easier to upgrade, so if you need more RAM, then it will be a simple procedure to get it. While you can upgrade things like memory on a laptop too, a desktop will be able to handle bigger upgrades, and this will give it more longevity as your main computer – you can install new operating systems when they come out, and make your same basic desktop PC able to handle more advanced technology.

A desktop PC can be a really good solution as your main computer, especially if you mainly access things like web services when you are not at home via your phone or tablet. You can get all of the benefits of a faster, easier to maintain machine with a longer life for less money, and still be able to do things online when you are away from your computer by using your mobile devices.

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