How wearable technology enhances our lives

Advancements in technology have made way for a new category of tech called wearable technology, which is rising in popularity and changing the way that people live their lives. Wearable tech is making a difference in professional and medical settings as well.

Early adopters of technology might remember when the first revolutionary wearable tech items hit the market, but keep in mind that many improvements have taken place since then. Learn about all the areas in which up-and-coming wearable tech is enhancing lives.


When you think of wearable technology, you might think of items such as the latest high-definition wearable video cameras or virtual reality headsets. Many tech lovers have been waiting for years to see functional and affordable virtual reality available for their own homes. Luckily, tech manufacturers were aware of what the market wanted and responded with a few excellent products.

In case you didn’t know, virtual reality encompasses everything from equipment that holds your smartphone near your face to use as a screen to self-contained screens in headsets that connect to your computer. These devices give users a lifelike experience, including a virtual walk down a city street on the other side of the world, participation in three-dimensional video games and more.

Child development

The sky is the limit when it comes to wearable tech that offers hours of entertainment, and kids of all ages can take part. There are wristbands for children that allow them to play games, keep virtual pets or check how much exercise that they are getting each day. Kids as young as four years old have wearable tech options made just for them.

Nutrition tracking

While there are a number of calorie-tracking smart phone apps, some very accurate wearable options compare favorably to manually reporting your calorie intake. The problems with recording your calories in an app are that it takes time and you might simply forget to do it. Wearing a wristband that does most or all the work for you saves time and makes life easy.

Some of the latest nutrition-tracking wearables also track data such as your heartrate, stress level, sleep quality, number of calories burned and water intake.

Fitness tracking

One of the earliest examples of a wearable fitness tracker is the pedometer. New devices and apps go far beyond this by tracking vital signs and suggesting proper exercises or workouts. Some devices even remind you to take your medications.

Workout gear

There are plenty of options available when it comes to high-tech workout gear, from equipment that measures your movement during exercise to that which records the type of activity that you are executing.

Clothing fibers themselves boast new technology that helps you perform better. Copper- and zinc-infused compression workout clothing ensures that you can push yourself to the limit with minimal pain. It also acts as a healing device that allows you to stay in motion after an injury. Look for copper fabrics that also offer anti-odor, moisture-wicking, and UV-protective properties. Make sure that you are getting authentic clothing by visiting the manufacturer’s corporate site to buy the latest in compression garments.

Health improvement

Wearable technology can help patients who are in treatment for many conditions, including cancer. Doctors can receive a variety of vital data in this way to understand their patients better and make the best treatment decisions. This can lead to higher patient survival rates for serious conditions.

The patient wears the tech device, which sends information to the doctor so that nothing slips by unnoticed in the gaps between appointments. Real-time patient data can show doctors that a patient spent several days in bed or other signs that might prompt earlier intervention.

Sleep studies

Wearable technology is saving time in the lives of busy people. For example, if you need to take part in a sleep study, then this new technology allows you to perform it from home in the comfort of your own bed. The home study equipment fits around the chest and records your breathing during sleep, and you can review it later with your doctor to figure out if you suffer from sleep apnea or another sleep disorder.

Technology has become increasingly common, and as you can see, there are many benefits. Wearable tech offers people entertainment, better nutrition, fitness tracking and more comfortable clothing. It can even save lives. If you don’t yet own wearable tech, then consider which type would make your life better and join other tech lovers by buying some of these items.

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