Using Your Forensic Accountant as an Expert Witness

When litigation can’t be avoided and your dispute goes to court, you need an expert witness to verify that what you have reported about your finances is true and just. In court, having an expert witness can add power to your case and help you to get the solution that is acceptable to you – whether it’s a personal or business matter. The forensic accountant you hire won’t really be an advocate for you but will present the facts as he uncovered them to show that your claims are accurate and true. Your solicitor will want to work with the accountant so that he will receive all of the proper documentation that he needs to perform his investigation efficiently.



Establish Effective Communication

It’s imperative that you meet with your forensic accountant in person or speak with him by telephone to conduct matters that relate to your litigation. Remember to minimise note-taking since it’s a discoverable issue; you must keep a heightened security level with all communication between yourself and your accountant during the time of litigation. All of his documents, reports, and findings should be checked for mistakes before they are shared with the court; this helps you to avoid embarrassing situations and errors that can be detrimental to your case. Both you and your solicitor will want to meet and help prepare your expert witness prior to his testimony before the court.

Courtroom Strategy

Your expert witness should not be shaken or reply to questions from the opposing counsel without first thinking about his answers; referring to his written documentation is always a good strategy. Your forensic accountant should present his conclusions first and then add the details that he found during his investigation and how he arrived at his conclusions – and he should end by restating his conclusions. He should be honest, answer only the questions that are asked, and not offer additional information that is not solicited. Having the facts and truth on his side will make your witness a powerful addition to your litigation.

Experience Matters

Using an accountant who is accustomed to the courtroom setting and the procedures of litigation will certainly be an asset for your case. He should dress appropriately, conduct himself as the professional that he is, and present his information in a clear and concise manner. He should have a cooperative demeanour, be courteous to the opposing counsel as well as all officers of the court, and remain steadfast in his findings. Make sure that he is knowledgeable about the area of your specific litigation, that he is highly qualified, and that the service he provides to you is exceptional and tailored to fit your specific needs.

In order to find the professional team that will be able to handle your litigation, you should visit the website so you can educate yourself about the reasons why you might need a forensic accountant and how they can benefit your litigation.

Having an expert is a powerful addition to your case, and knowing that their work is done professionally on your behalf can provide you with comfort during a time of great stress.

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