User Activity Monitoring Software for Wireless Internet

It is more and more common for businesses, and particularly shops, to offer free Wi-Fi to their visitors and customers. For users, this means that they can reduce their mobile data charges. They do however, have to understand that they are using a shared internet connection. This means that on the one hand, everyday individuals should monitor how they use open Wi-Fi connections; and, on the other hand, businesses have a need for user activity monitoring software that allows them to determine how they are customers use the free Wi-Fi. At the same time comma users should be aware of the fact that their activity is being monitored, probably for marketing purposes.

User Activity Monitoring Software for Stores Offering Free Wi-Fi

For stores, there are a number of issues at play when they offer free Wi-Fi connections. The first is that they must also be aware of the fact that the connection is shared, placing them at increased risk of a malware attack. While they may offer their customers free Wi-Fi, they should not give them an opportunity to access websites that are potentially harmful. Additionally, they need to have policies and procedures in place to ensure their staff members don’t abuse the free Wi-Fi. Spending time online for personal reasons lowers productivity and thereby profits. Furthermore, there is a risk of cyberstalking.

The other key element of offering free Wi-Fi is that it gives stores the opportunity to monitor the behavior of those in their stores. These types of systems can provide them with invaluable insights into the interests of their customers. This, in turn, may allow them to improve their existing marketing strategies or even change their product and service offering. For example, a clothing store that finds their customers often look for the types of clothes they offer but in a tall range, may consider stocking a greater amount of tall clothing.

The world of marketing has changed significantly since the digital revolution. It is now understood that the things that people look for online says something directly about their specific interests. Hence, while one of the reasons why stores offer customers free Wi-Fi is to attract them into the store and keep them there for longer, it is also because it gives them a greater chance of making sure they stock the right products and offer the right service. To do this properly, they have a requirement for user activity monitoring software.

The same type of software can also be used for a range of other reasons. For instance, staff members must follow preset policies and procedures in terms of how much they can use the internet and what for, and this software allows the business to determine those policies and procedures are followed. Any store that has an internet connection that can be accessed by staff and/or customers, should also invest in this type of software therefore. The potential insights gained through it will surely lead to a return on investment.

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