How to Use Content Marketing to Promote Your Fiberglass Products

The worldwide fiberglass industry is huge, and it’s getting bigger each year. Projections estimate that the whole industry will be worth more than $14 billion by 2019, and almost $19 billion by 2022. You don’t have to be part of a large company to get a share of this huge pie either. You can always sell your fiberglass products online through your website.

So how exactly should you go about promoting your fiberglass business online? It’s been the experience of many fiberglass entrepreneurs that content marketing is the ideal marketing tool for these kinds of products. The aim of content marketing isn’t simply about promoting your particular brand. It is to encourage and stimulate greater interest in your fiberglass products.

Let’s see how you should start this content marketing approach:

Start with a Blog

A blog is like a nice letter to your customers, except that you treat them as your friends. It’s best if your tone is casual and friendly while you talk about what your products are.

Let’s say you sell fiberglass fish tanks. You can talk about why fiberglass is a great option for a fish tank. You can compare it to other types of fish tanks and point out its pros and cons. Your blog can provide tips on how to pick a great fiberglass fish tank while providing tips on how to maintain it properly.

Basically, your blog is to provide information to your readers. One of the reasons why fiberglass products aren’t as popular as they ought to be is that it’s still not a well-known commodity. You need to anticipate possible questions from your readers and answer them completely.

Don’t Just Use Text

A blog with just text can seem uninviting and dense and may feel like a chore to read- use lots of graphics and charts along with photos. These photos can illustrate the beauty of a fiberglass fish tank more expressively than any descriptive text you can come up with.

Every now and then, use videos too. Not only do you have YouTube to help you find more potential readers and customers, but videos are much more effective in demonstrating action rather than text and images. With a video, you can show more effectively how your audience can set up a fish tank or how they can clean it properly.

Come Up with an Ebook

Writing an ebook isn’t as hard as you may have feared. That’s especially true if you’ve already had a good collection of blog posts to use. You can take five or more of them and compile it into a single ebook. If you have the time, you can revamp those blog posts you use so you can have a fresher take on the subject. You can also flesh out the various topics and include more details.

Don’t Delay in Building Your Email List

Waiting too long to build your email list is perhaps one of the cardinal sins in online marketing. It has long been proven that marketing through email is extremely effective because everyone checks their email. You need to make sure you have compelling headlines in your email messages to entice the recipients to open the message. Once they open the message, you then need an effective article to get the recipients to click on a link that leads to your website.

It’s easy enough to build an email list. Start by posting an opt-in form, and use your ebook as a free gift to encourage subscriptions.

It’s true that fiberglass is an excellent material for many types of products. However, they won’t market themselves to your potential customers. With content marketing, you can make sure that your audience knows just how good fiberglass can be for them.

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