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images3 Use Best Lawyer Experienced of Intellectual Property Cases You stole my idea! Such is the battle cry whenever someone files an intellectual property lawsuit. A few are legitimate cases of plagiarism, others are just opportunists looking for a pay day, but all have the right to be heard by a court of law. Here are seven of the biggest and most famous cases of intellectual property theft.

1: Barbie and Bratz

In 2001, long-reigning queen Barbie found herself unceremoniously dethroned by the emergence of Bratz dolls. The two parent companies, Mattel Inc. and MGA Entertainment, immediately started back-and-forth court proceedings that alleged everything from copyright infringement to insider trading. Mattel won, but the damage was done, and Barbie and Bratz currently share an uneasy truce in the toy chests of little girls everywhere.

2: Kelloggs and the National Biscuit Company

In 1938, the jurors of the Supreme Court were forced to keep a straight face when presented with a dispute over breakfast cereal. The National Biscuit Company declared that Kelloggs had copied their product, a cereal called “Shredded Whole Wheat,” while Kelloggs maintained that their shredded wheat just happened to have the same ingredients, shape and taste. Kelloggs eventually won. Perhaps their bowl was just tastier.

3: Victor Whitmill and Warner Bros

A brave tattoo artist took on Warner Bros after alleging that one of the characters in The Hangover II had infringed on his copyright by getting a face tattoo identical to the one he gave Mike Tyson. While Warner Bros insisted on the film’s legality through the “fair use” clause, they eventually decided to settle for an undisclosed amount just to put the matter at rest.

4: Adidas and Payless

When you’re fighting a copycat case, always use an experienced lawyer. That’s what Adidas should have done when they realized that Payless stores were selling knockoff brands of their famous striped shoes. Too bad they didn’t consult, say, a Tim Broas resume to find good legal representation that could have helped them through their white collar blues, because their court case dragged on for seven years and cost them quite a lot of money before it was resolved.

5: 2 Live Crew and Acuff-Rose Music

When 2 Live Crew created a parody version of “Pretty Woman,” they probably didn’t expect it to become the center of a Supreme Court case. That’s exactly what happened, however, when Acuss-Rose Music, the song’s distributor, claimed that the crew didn’t obtain their permission to parody it. In a surprising twist, the Supreme Court sided with the artist, deciding that parodies were fair game with or without their creator’s blessing.

6: Gottfried Leibniz and Isaac Newtown

In 1684, German mathematician Gottfried Leibniz began publishing papers that established the basics of calculus. Isaac Newtown, however, claimed to have already invented it, offering his previous work as proof, through he hadn’t actually put the process to paper like Leibniz did. Who actually discovered calculus first? The world may never know.

7: Napster and the RIAA

One of the most famous intellectual property cases of all time, Napster was an illegal file-sharing site that found itself slammed with a lawsuit when the RIAA got wind of their clients’ goods being circulated for free. Napster lost the case, but the secret was out, and Internet piracy has been a booming trade ever since.

Getting the right intellectual property advice at an early stage is a simple step but one which could save you a lot of heartache, distress and profit or royalties should your material be stolen or abused by infringement on copying. Talk the issues over with specialist Intellectual Property Lawyer before going ahead with your project to make sure you are fully protected. Overall, this is Tim Broas Resume a beginner’s guide containing knowledge you should be aware of when dealing with intellectual property theft. The best advice is to seek professional legal consultations with a lawyer of Tim Broas Resume if you are in this position.


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