How to Use AV Event Technology When You Are on a Budget

Whatever type of event you’re organising, technology is sure to play a major part. Every event attendee expects tech – whether that’s anything from automated check in to a full-scale audio visual experience – and the good news is you can provide AV technology on a budget. You don’t have to blow the budget on technology for your event. Here’s how you can make technology work for you even when you do not have loads of money to spend.

Negotiate with the Venue

Many venues make a big profit on supplying AV technology as part of the package for an event. This may be convenient but it may not suit your budget. And you can bring the costs down by negotiating with the venue about bringing your own AV with you. But that doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. Event production companies work by organising all aspects of the technology you need to put on a standout event. You may be able to secure a much better deal by hiring an external company to work with you, rather than choosing the full AV venue package.

Be Clear on What You Need

Do your homework before you approach event technology companies so that you know what kind of technology you need to hire. It is a good idea to discuss your needs with the company, and they will be able to advise you of a solution that fits your budget. Remember that you do not need to spend masses of money to make a big impact – you just need to be clever about the technology you use and make sure it is expertly tailored to the needs of your audience. Event technology companies will have ideas about how to make the biggest splash with little money.

Economise Elsewhere

Is there anywhere else in the budget that you could save on in order to put more money aside for AV technology? If you want to make a great impression with the latest tech then you may need to sacrifice some other aspect of the event. For example, you could scale down the décor or not hire a band for the evening’s entertainment.

Look for Sponsorship Opportunities

Standout tech will always be noticed so it is a great chance to tie it in with sponsors. There are many creative ways you can use tech and make it count for your sponsors as well as your audience. Getting sponsorship for your AV tech is a great way to stretch the budget further and it is also good news for your sponsors’ brands.

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