United Markets Capital is Leading the Best Dedicated Account Manager Service Poll

By the end of March, FXBrokerFeed’s March poll showed that United Markets Capital topped it with over 35% votes gathered from the poll participants. This was followed by Oanda who gathered a total of 27% votes, followed by eToro with 25% of gathered votes. Taking the last spot, Plus500 gathered a total of 13% votes from the participants. This only proves that United Markets Capital had been giving their clients the best and undeniable offerings and programs to lead them toward success. Topping the poll could not be done without the help of the most important parts of the industry, and these are:

  • Dedicated Account Management Service

Account servicing is vital to keep the data of the client in private. Also, a human interacting approach for the client is also needed. UM Capital had been using the three pillars to do that so, and these are: the readiness of the workforce, empowerment in the financial aspect, and empowerment in the economic aspect. They apply all of these to give their clients the best experience in their industry.


  • Development of the Technologies

In our generation, developments in technologies became a great help for us to have a better living. These technologies also helped a lot of companies like UM Capital where they use them to give a better and easier transaction with their clients. To secure the client’s account, UM Capital uses an app with SSL Encryption. With this, the clients can access UM Capital website without fear of hackers and scam. They provide timely alerts, reminders, and updates to keep their clients aware of the latest happenings in the market.


  • Varieties of Products

As a diversified provider of various CFDs, UM Capital had been trading over a thousand of CFDs on Forex Pairs, Commodities, Forex, Indices, Shares, ETFs, Treasuries, and Cryptocurrencies. The clients can gain a lot of benefits for it has commissions that are modest and Spreads in the Raw Market. Also, United Markets Capital works in a 24 hour per day basis. They offer their clients secure transactions to fulfill each client’s demand and expectations.


  • Sense of Kindness

When an industry had reached the top, a sense of kindness must be shown especially to those people who are less fortunate. United Markets Capital always bend their head down to the people who need help and attention. The youth is their major target. They do this by offering a lot of community outreach and charitable works. They provide educational assistance to the youth to help them study and finish their education. They also take some health care programs and always do feeding programs in developing countries. The head of operations of UM Capital, David Goldberg stated “We believe that philanthropy should be part of any successful business.”. We all suffered hardships, and UM Capital had experienced that before reaching the top. This became their inspiration to help those in need for them to reach their own success. United Markets Capital is a very humble and down to earth industry that must be looked up for.

With all of these, UM Capital proves that they are a broker who has the potential and also the heart. If you want to gather more information, feel free to visit their website official website: https://unitedmarketscapital.com/.


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