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Which documents should you store and manage securely off-site?


We’ve all heard the news stories about the importance of ensuring your documents, records and data are stored safely, securely and in keeping with the law.


The fall out if such items are lost can not only be detrimental to your business, but the hefty penalties that can be imposed, following the loss of sensitive data, is also very apparent.


By keeping your records in off-site storage, you can rest assured that they will be kept securely and monitored 24 hours a day in optimal conditions for their safekeeping.


Here are just some of the records that you may wish to move to off-site storage:


Financial and Personnel Records 

It is now more important than ever to ensure your documentation is recorded and retained securely, appropriately and for the correct amount of time. Depending on how your business is set-up, you are required to keep certain records by law and others for safeguarding in future, so off-site storage may be your answer. 


Medical Record Storage

There are mandatory retention policies in place that all medical professions must adhere to regarding patient’s confidential data and other sensitive information.

All NHS practices in the UK, for instance, have compulsory storage requirements as set out by the Department of Health. 


Media Storage

A number of media and film professionals seek out secure ways to store their large array of media. Documents can include film, tapes, DVDS and hard drives. With some of this data being quite old and rare, it can also be of high value and in some instances quite sensitive, so it’s important to ensure that it’s stored using the highest security and disaster prevention methods.


Legal Document Management

Law firms and internal legal teams often look towards storage solution companies to help with the secure storage of their data.


In fact, a huge variety businesses and industries from all over the world use record storage services. It’s certainly a good idea if your business has any files or records that you need to keep safe, but not automatically to hand and you must always ensure that you know what you have in storage.


It is also good practice to regularly review the personal data you hold, and delete anything you no longer need. Information that does not need to be accessed regularly, but which still needs to be retained, should be safely archived and stored off-site, so work out what is the most sensible solution for your business needs.


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