Types of Businesses That Need Call Tracking

Phone calls are a critical part of the sales obtaining process for many companies. We all use the phone to make appointments, pay bills and order products and services. It’s confirmed that calls are the most important type of lead for any company – up to 10 times as much as form-filling leads, for example.


Many phone-friendly industries are making use of paid search ads to send traffic to their websites. However, for many businesses, the major problem lies in lack of call tracking abilities. Paid search campaigns often go untracked, which greatly impacts lead and conversion rates. Without call tracking data, it’s hard to determine which ads, landing pages and keywords are the main drivers of calls and which ones are useless budget wasters. So, for which industries phone calls tracking should be compulsory?

Industries That Should Be Using Call Tracking

Dental Services

It’s not uncommon for people to avoid visiting the dentist until an emergency comes up. For a dentist, being visible on Google is a very good strategy to capture calls, as many people tend to make a research before they choose a local dentist. People will call to ask case-specific questions, work out insurance details and ask about information that is might be included on the website.

Legal Field

Law is a very expensive field and the competition level in this sphere is extremely high. That makes every click and phone call very valuable. Call tracking is a good opportunity to get new clients, which could lead to tons of profit. The rates of clicks in PPC campaigns for lawyers are among the highest ever, so it’s important to use tools that help to maximize their efficiency, and call tracking can be very helpful.

Home Services

Home improvement service providers (such as painters, plumbers, landscapers, windows/door installers and cleaners) should definitely be tracking calls. Why? Because they are very likely to receive many of them every day. The more is known about the conversion of these phone calls, the easier it will be to improve the advertising campaigns and gain more paying customers. Call tracking will let home service providers know how well their dispatchers handle their tasks.


Continuing education courses, elementary, pre-K, middle school, college, high-school, grad school – all of them belong to the education category. There are many options when it comes to choosing a school (tuition, location, career counseling, extra-curricular, disability support, etc.), so this is an industry where responding to phone calls is necessary. Depending on location, competition can cause a great impact, so it’s better to have tools that help to get the most out of the advertising budget.

Real Estate

If a house hunter is seriously interested in purchasing a home, then he is likely to make a call to the real estate agency. All companies in this industry should seriously think about tracking calls and analyzing them, so they will eventually lead to more profit. Real estate agents are surely expected to receive less calls a day than cleaning service providers, but the value of each deal is way higher, so the importance of conversion cannot be underestimated.

Travel & Hotel

Those who work in the hotel and travel industry, should know how important phone calls are in the booking process. However, if those calls are not being tracked, it’s hard to figure out how to improve the customer service. It’s great to receive numerous phone calls from clients, but the value of conversions will be overlooked, if no call tracking is involved.

Other industries, such as Saas and the automotive trade, definitely need this type of service, for similar reasons. Start tracking phone calls today and become a leader in your industry!

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