The Trump-Linked Firm Court Case, Jordy Kriss, & Settling With Tevfik Arif and Felix Sater

Without an ounce of hesitation, the majority of business professionals would agree that this industry can get tricky. In fact, it can definitely get tricky when issues come up that involve affiliates of the current president of the United States of America. As many of us know, Donald Trump made his claim to fame by being a prominent real estate expert, investor, and all-around smart business man. Throughout his entire career, he has easily made countless connections and acquaintance that has kept him at the top of American business. In reality, his networking skills have allowed him to not just become a household name in American business but, also a world-renowned businessman. To put it simply, Donald Trump is a staple of the business industry around the entire world. Now, why is this important to understand? The reason it is important to understand and highlight Donald Trump’s success is that his success and notoriety has, unsurprisingly, increased tremendously from already top levels since becoming president. Furthermore, this is a signal that any business dilemma or issue that is to come up nowadays, will almost certainly bring unwanted attention his way. As if his schedule was not already busy enough, problems in his businesses could go as far as to put a dent in his presidency. Regardless, this is exactly was has arisen as of recently. Recently, a real estate firm linked closely to Donald Trump has settled with a former member of the firm. Here is more on this issue and how, if at all, it has affected the Trump Organization

Recapping The Trump-Linked Lawsuit Dilemma

In an article on this exact issue and the lawsuit settled by the former employee, we get a sense of how much this lawsuit has touched so many areas. First off, to give a small summary of how this entire debacle came about according to the article, the lawsuit settled was a racketeering suit that was filed by the former employee. Additionally, the former employee made claims that the trump affiliated real estate firm defrauded him and went as far as to hide the evidence of the fraud. Along with this, the article also explains how The Bayrock Group, which is one of Trump’s many affiliates and developers, were the ones to principally agree on a settlement with the former employee. Now, as we can imagine, this issue has definitely brought attention towards Donald Trump and his organization that was not wanted whatsoever. Nonetheless, the article also explains how Jordy Kriss, a former finance director at the trump-linked firm, also left the firm because of the same warning signs of money laundering that was brought up to him. His involvement in this case so far has been to negotiate his own settlement regarding his involvement and, discuss claims of his that were made against the firm that was later retracted. Kriss’s own case has been against the Bayrock company and two of its core members in Tevfik Arif and Felix Sater. More than anything, Jordy Kriss’s case against Tevfik Arif and Felix Sater has been more upfront and center. This has led to further lawsuits and counter-lawsuits that have further blended this issue much more than it needed to be. To be frank, this entire issue was the breaking point of many years of built-up frustration and resentment between any and all the party’s involved. That being said, the one thing that is for certain is that this issue needs to be resolved as quickly as possible. Also, it would not hurt to accomplished this by going through by any means that are necessary.

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