How Travel Insurance Keeps You Out Of Trouble?

Wanderlust is not a very rare trait. Every now and then, you might have a lingering feeling for a breath of fresh air, a change from the monotonic lifestyle you’re accustomed to. Then again, travelling isn’t always for leisure; sometimes you’re driven out of your home due to the urgency.

Quite often, a tour can easily be disrupted because of calamities that are out of one’s control. For instance, you can’t prevent flights from getting delayed or getting diagnosed with a disease. Furthermore, losing luggage (which is rather a relief when compared with daylight robbery in a city you’ve never visited previously) is something that’s more of a usual occurrence.

Now, you must be wondering why such ill omens are being brought to your notice while you imagined a pleasant trip with your family or friends. That’s because we want to familiarize you with the benefits of buying travel insurance.

Travel Insurance And Where To Find It

It’s not prudent to assume that nothing wrong can happen when you’re out of town. Proper travel insurance in India can provide coverage from disasters such as theft, lost luggage, departure due to medical reasons, terrorism, travel agency bankruptcy, missed flights and canceled tours, too!

When it comes to investing in the most suitable travel insurance policy, we suggest comparing the schemes offered by multiple companies before reaching a decision. Most renowned insurance companies provide travel insurance. Few popular plans offered are that of SBI, TATA AIG, Bajaj Allianz and many others.

Perhaps, you’re still not convinced of the usefulness of travel insurance policies. Fret not, the next segment should help you out of your dilemma.

Advantages Of Travel Insurance

Here are a few pointers that will help you put your trust on travel insurance policies:

  1. Trip Gets Called Off

When you’ve packed your bags and prepared your mind for an exotic vacation in the Middle East, you want nothing to go wrong. So, two days before the upcoming tour, even odd feelings are shunned off as “travel anxiety”. But, little did you know, the need for a blanket on a moderately warm day was because of viral fever.

For a person with apt travel insurance, such a situation would be greeted with a slight sulkiness because they were denied the pleasures of enjoying a new country. This is because their insurance would cover the expense of pre-booked flights and hotels.

  1. Connecting Flight Gets Missed

Let’s face it; planning a holiday is taxing enough without the added trouble of booking flights. Also, not many own a mine full of gold just waiting to be spent.

Therefore, it’s quite understandable when people book flights that have one or two stops between the destined airports of departure and arrival. As we are guided by our curiosity, there are some who find the intermediate stops as a region waiting to be explored. In other words, one might lose track of time and forget about the connecting flight.

In such a case, with the right travel insurance, you would not only be provided with another flight to reach your required destination, but also assistance will be alongside.

  1. Flight Never Takes Flight

We can’t do anything if the airport authorities deem an airplane unfit to get airborne. But we can lament the feeling of loss our bank account might have felt, were it human. However, once you’ve safely invested in travel insurance policies that cover a variety of unfortunate incidents, you’ll no longer pity yourself for losing the flight’s tickets or the money you paid for them. You’ll just have to apply for a refund to the insurance company!

  1. Something Unpleasant Occurs While You’re On The Trip

Suppose you’re in Paris’ Rue De la Paix, looking for a scarf that’s lighter than air. But, in your intrigue, you forget to look both sides before crossing the road.

An accident or other medical maladies occurred while on the trip are covered by adequate travel insurance policies. Moreover, along with financial backup, assistance is provided if immediate evacuation is required. Similar help is given if a terrorist attack occurs before you leave for a journey, in which case, pre-holiday expenses are reimbursed to an extent.

  1. Nature Disappoints You

Natural calamities do not knock before entering. Therefore, it’s not for anyone to know when or where the next tsunami or earthquake is going to hit. But, you do hope it never occurs, especially before or during your vacation.

Prepaid expenses are covered by sufficient travel insurance and assistance is provided for emergency evacuation.

  1. Luggage gets lost

You don’t want to lose the belongings when you go anywhere. Mostly because, as it is you’re unprepared for what you’ll meet with once you’ve reached your travel destination. But what’s worse is when you don’t even have the comfort of having the most comfortable clothes you had collected before the journey.

But, if such a mishap has occurred due to the airlines’ fault, you don’t have to waste your time on such trivialities. The travel insurance you own will look for your baggage and return it to you safely.

  1. Passports May Get Misplaced

When you’re travelling abroad, passport and visa become your heart and soul. You can’t move an inch without it in the airport, and there’s a checkpoint almost everywhere after you reach the foreign country.

In such a state, if you lose your passport and are insured, then the travel insurance company keeps you out of trouble and gives you a new passport if you’re unable to find the old one.

  1. Travel Agency Loses Its Money

If you’ve spent months saving money to plan a memorable trip, it’s natural you wouldn’t want to miss out on it anyhow. But, what to do if the travel agency you trusted and revered suddenly drew up its hands saying it has been bankrupted? Such a tragedy would be insufferable if your travel insurance policy did not include financial default cover. Under such a clause, your expenses would be recovered and you could also re-plan your trip!

So, we hope you’ve been convinced of the essentiality of travel insurances. Travel might one day seem unimaginable without it!

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