Travel dangers you should keep in mind

Traveling is by far one of the most rewarding experiences ever to have been invented, but the fact is that it also comes with some risks, not just benefits. If they travel alone, women especially should be wary of some destinations.

And that’s not because of their gender specifically, but because of the many traditions (many of which are dated) that are popular in some countries. Yes, you might have guessed it – we’re talking about some Arab countries where it might be illegal for women to step out in the street without wearing a veil, even if they’re from some other parts of the world.

Terrorist attacks

The unfortunate thing about one of the most amazing countries in the world and the location of the pyramids, Egypt, is that it’s often targeted by terrorists. While this place might not be dangerous for female travelers per se, it is just a very scary place to go to because such attacks happen on a weekly basis.

Unless you’re a journalist and you really have to travel to a country where such events happen regularly, we would advise you to pick a safer destination. Sure, most anyone wants to see the Pyramids at some point or the next, but your own life is far more valuable than any culture you might gather from going there.

Petty crime

Another country that has a somewhat bad reputation is Morocco, and that’s unfortunate given that it is packed with places to visit and the locals are extremely helpful and friendly. Regrettably, pickpocketing is a common occurrence in these parts, especially in large cities that are so crowded that they offer the perfect opportunities for robbers to do their deed without being caught.

One piece of advice that we can give you in this sense is to avoid keeping your valuables where other people might be able to reach them easily. We know you love your gadgets, and you use them to take pictures, but the thing is that owning and using the latest iPhone model will rather get you robbed. You might not even realize how appealing such a device can look in the eyes of a thief.

Do your homework

To make sure that you’re safe at all times, whether you are a man or a woman, you should do a bit of research before traveling to another country and find out as much as you can about the most dangerous areas you could happen to be in when you visit a specific town. Surely there are neighborhoods you don’t want to set foot in.

Any city has good and bad parts, and that’s universally true for all places from those in Canada and The United States, to Paris and Mexico City. If you travel alone, you need to be aware of at least several places to avoid. In some places, you could get kidnapped and held for ransom – and this is not a joke.

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