Top Tips for Marketing a Catering Business

In this ultra-competitive world, good marketing should be at the core of any business strategy. Marketing won’t just help your business to stand out from the crowd; it also strengthens brand image and helps to attract a more loyal customer base.

Just as with any other type of business, catering companies require good marketing in order to succeed. But marketing should be specifically designed to suit the requirements of the particular business in question, so a marketing strategy for a catering company should include some specific points that are uniquely designed to suit the industry.


Research Your Niche

Your first step should always be to research the niche into which you intend to set up business. Know your location, potential competition, prospective customers and possible overheads, well in advance of you actually opening your doors. Learning a little about local government will also help you to get ahead, as some towns and cities have strict local laws about the types of advertising and marketing permitted in the area.

Build Relationships

Because catering is a service industry it’s important to build strong relationships with your future customers, straight off the bat. Many catering companies achieve this by partnering up with other local businesses and organisations, to provide food for a function or event and thereby promote the business at the same time. In these early days you should make allowances for a certain amount of free catering. People will need to try your food before they can sing its praises. Conferences, bridal fairs and charity functions are perfect examples of the kinds of events which will get your business noticed.

Invest in Photography

The best restaurants and catering businesses all have spectacular photos of their food and equipment which show the company in its best possible light. These photos can be used either in your menu, or your website or in promotional flyers. Investing in photography should be thought of in the same way as investing in high quality equipment from Fridgeland – a savvy purchase which will help your food achieve its full potential.

Get Your Business Online

These days, all businesses are online. In fact, if your business doesn’t have a web presence you are likely to miss out on attracting customers; in 2013 more than 2 billion people used the internet and the majority of these will utilise both search engines and social media. Make sure your company website is set up before your company opens its doors, and make sure it’s also optimised for mobile, which is currently the fastest growing platform.


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