The Top Reasons Why the Proper Product Labeling is an Absolute Necessity

It’s easy to underestimate the power of the label. Its original function is, of course, to identify the product and tell the consumer what the product is all about. However, there are a lot of other reasons why companies invest so much money in making sure that the label is just right.

Sure, you need to make sure your customer buys what he or she thinks he or she is buying – and sure, you need to make sure there is enough information to satisfy legal and governmental regulations. But the label is your first marketing opportunity. The label is the first way to say hello and hopefully convince the consumer that the exchange is worth it. Here are the top reasons why the proper product labeling is an absolute necessity.

1Understanding the purpose

There are different kinds of labels, and understanding the purpose will not only help you design them, it will also help you in finding the right materials and printing techniques for your specific task. Here are just some of the possible purposes:

  • Brand information or logo promotion

  • Usage instructions

  • Nutritional or health information

  • Safety warnings

  • Basic product information

Promoting your brand

One of the most important uses of the label is brand identification and brand promotion. The label serves then as an easily identifiable marker to show the world that it is you who has brought the product to the market. This is very important – often consumers choose the brand they trust, especially if it’s a new product they have never tried before.

Private labeling

As labeling experts like confirm, labeling is not just for large companies – smaller companies can employ private labeling to get more personal with their customers or to expand their existing demographic.

Providing information

Some products require specific information – for example, food products need nutritional information, expiration dates, and so on. Other products (dangerous when used in the wrong way) need directions for use.

Kinds of labels

What kind of label do you need? Thermal labels? Embossed foil labels? There are many kinds – choose the right one.

The fact is, however, that labeling (and packaging, in general) can be quite expensive – as a matter of fact, it’s often more expensive to provide the right packaging and labeling than it is to manufacture the right kind of product. It shouldn’t surprise us, since the process and the outcome are so important. On the other hand, as a business you’re trying to keep your expenses to a minimum, and this is why digital labeling is so ground-breaking; it allows you various flexible options whilst keeping costs down considerably in comparison with alternative ways of labeling. When it comes to labeling, going digital is the way of the future.

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