Top 5 Live TV Software for PC Free Download

One more thing getting popular nowadays that is watching TV on Personal Computer. These amazing things are more talked about around the world and thus we decided to search out some good software which may offer you the facility to watch Live TV on your PC. One more use of such software what we get is if you are going far away from your city or to a different country and badly missing your favorite TV shows then just you need a good connection of internet and all your favorite channels will be on a single click. Let’s check out what software we have brought for you (Free PC Software Download for Windows 7 ).

Live TV Top 5 Live TV Software for PC Free DownloadTVU Player

If you are going to experience it for the first time then I would suggest you to try TVU Player as it is the less hassle program which is jam-packed with great channels that you can enjoy on your PC. This Player ensures the good quality of channels and uses P2P to broadcast i.e. if more users watching a channel simultaneously then it will work nicely. Because of all these reasons I would highly recommend this software to all users who are looking to get a good experience of Live TV watching on their PC.


The next software which is getting the second position in our list of Top 5 Live TV Software for PC is SopCast. The best feature of this software is the long list of channels it can subscribe. Same as the TVU Player works, it also works on Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Technology which ensures the quality of picture if the number of users are more. Another key point of this software is the speed of buffering channels; you can easily select your favorite channel or show from the different categories such as sports, comedy, movies, news etc. So, try SopCast for the good experience of watching Live TV on PC.

JLC Internet TV

JLC Internet TV is renowned for the huge collection of channels (more than 2000) but the worst thing is that they all won’t work. Still the user rating of this software is pretty high as the UI is very easy to use. While watching your favorite channel or going through the channels you also get the option to submit, rate or flag channels.

TV Ants

If you are looking for an average option to watch live TV then TV Ants is the one you can go with. It mainly contains Asian channel such as BBC, ESPN, TrueSports, EuroSports, CCTV5, National Geographic Channel and Discovery Channel etc.

TV Koo

If you are not going with the four options listed above then try TV Koo as it is also contains a lot of nice channels. The loading and buffering of channel is fast and functionality is also easy.

Thus, it was the list of Top 5 Live TV Software which allows you watching your favorite TV show anywhere or anytime without TV connection. Although there are many programs that let you watch the Live TV but here we have listed out some best of them which won’t let you meet with any trouble during watching your favorite show. Check out the list mentioned here and share your experience with us.

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