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Hacking Software

Sometimes it becomes necessary to crack the passwords or to have some knowledge about hacking. In this order various tools or software help you to do so. But it becomes quite hectic to find a suitable or best tool for your system. In this order, we have brought a list of Top 5 Hacking Software which you can download for free from internet. Let’s check out the list:

Hacking Software Top 5 Hacking Software Free Download for PCNMAP

The NMAP is the foremost software which acquires the top position in every list of best hacking software. It’s the best security scanning and hacking tool and ease of use. The NMAP offers a wide range of features like finger-printing, port scanning, ping, OS detection, IP range and alive hosts etc. its the most recommended tool for the new and advanced learners of hacking. Most of the security experts prefer this tool for the best results. You can download NMAP by the following link.

Super Scan

Super Scan holds the second position in our list of Top 5 Free Hacking Software. SuperScan 4 is the most updated version you can find on internet and it is also one of the most recommended hacking software by hacking and security experts. It’s a powerful Pinger, TCP Port Scanner and Resolver. It provides an effective scanning experience. So, you can download it for free by clicking on the link given below:

NESSUS Vulnerability Scanner

I believe that the greatest rival for NMAP is the NESSUS which has the capability to break the top spot of NMAP. It’s a powerful tool for the purposes it serves but a lot buggy and hangs too. If you are a network administrator and hacker where you need to make wide implementation of your skills then this tool will prove as a best buddy for you. The NESSUS Vulnerability Scanner is an active scanner, with high speed discovery and featuring asset profiling, sensitive data recovery, configuration auditing and vulnerability analysis of your security structure. So, you can download it by the following link given below:

John The Riper

Sometimes you need to crack the passwords; it becomes messy if you do not have any powerful password cracker. In this order we have come with the powerful and fastest password cracker- John the Riper. This software is available for several versions of Unix and Windows. The primary purpose of this tool is to detect weak passwords. So, you can go with it and download for free by below given link:


Sometimes ago, this tool was at the 2nd position but now by losing three steps its now at 5th  position in the list. WireShark is a GTK+ based network protocol analyzer that enables you to capture and interact with the contents of network frames. It’s the most preferred wireless security assessment tool. Thus, to download you can click on the below mentioned link:

Thus, keeping some hacking tools in your system is very essential for the new and advance learners of hacking and experts of security. In this order here we have, some best hacking tools for your system which you can download. These tools are available for free on internet and easy to use. If you are looking for such tools then, first go through the post.

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