Top 5 Free HR Software for Your Small Business 

Controlling and regulating employees in an organization is one of the most difficult tasks and also one of the most important to be performed by any HR manager. Dividing the work between the employees, allocating various positions to each and every employee and ensuring that they perform to their fullest is not an easy task. Hence, all these tasks would become much easier and less complex if the HR manager of the company has an HR software with the help of which the recruitment and the management of the employees would be much easier.

Here are some of the top free HR software:


This monitoring software has approximately 35 tools which will help in the process of project management, marketing, HR and even business telephony. It is compatible with Windows as well as IOS. It has the features of personal tracking of the employees and also helps in keeping a track of the time limits of the employees.

It is a cloud-based system which helps the small growing businesses in managing and controlling basic tasks of HR manager like marking the absentees of a particular day, the processing of the payroll of the employees and marking the attendance and the duration of time for which an employee worked in a particular day. Hence, it helps in performing all the basic tasks in an easy and convenient way.


The main feature of this software is that it is used for the purpose of allocating the resources to various employees as well as managing the project planning of any task. It also plays a major role in managing the absentees of the company and ensuring that the attendance of the employees is taken on time and must be well recorded and well maintained.


This is a multifunctional HR management software which is way much better than the many $12 billion HR software. It helps in many HR controlling features like absence management, personnel tracking, managing the payroll, recruiting capabilities, and managing the attendance and the duration of the working hours of the employees. This software also has many collaboration and social features included in it. Such features help in building a sense of teamwork and relationship within the corporate environment.


This software comes in two variants where by if any user is hesitant in buying its features, he/she can go for free options which includes onboarding, offboarding and the feature of personnel tracking. All these features add up to a solid and a strong human resources information system.


Hence, having a software for the management of the employees in an organization is a must. Such a software would help un keeping in check the activities and the performance of each and every employee of the company and ensure that these employees perform their best. This software would easily perform the basic tasks of an HR manager and hence, lessen the human effort and make the job much more convenient.

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