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Bluetooth Software

Bluetooth is a very common technology we use and everyone of us are familiar with the uses of it. Bluetooth is that elementary part of your mobile phone or laptop which allows you to exchange or share files, data, pictures, videos and songs etc. wirelessly. It offers you a wireless medium of exchanging services. But do you know that your Bluetooth device can be used as a remote control to control many other devices such as your music player in your laptop etc.??? For such things to work out you would need a good Bluetooth Software for your Windows PC. Most of the laptops, even all laptops nowadays come with the Bluetooth feature and if you have a desktop computer then you can buy a Bluetooth device from market as it is a low cost device and easily available at everywhere. By enabling Bluetooth in your computer you can easily connect your devices like headphones, mobile phones, or other computers with your computer. Here we have the best three tools for you with remote control features to make your work easier and restful. Let’s check them out ( ):

Bluetooth Top 3 Bluetooth Software for PCBlueShareWare Phone/Bluetooth Remote Control Software

This Software allows user’s phone to turn into a remote control for a Windows PC. You can easily control your computer or device just by your phone. Just you need to download this software and install it into your computer by simply following the instructions. In addition to Bluetooth connecting feature this software offers you to control you device via Wi-Fi as well. In this way you can use your phone to show Power Point Presentations and to control Windows Media Player, iTunes and Winamp etc.

MobileWitch Bluetooth Remote Control

If you are looking for some basic version of BlueShareWare’s Phone Remote Control then MobileWitch is the next we will talk about. It’s a free version of the above one and enables to turn phones into a remote for PC controlling. You can control programs such as Windows Media Player, Power Point Presentation etc. and also can run commands on the computer. In addition to this software allows you to use your Phone to control internet browsing in your PC as you can access the internet browsers like Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox. The pointer of mouse can be controlled as well. So, it’s a worth to use tool for you.


This Bluetooth Software allows user to connect their phone via Bluetooth, Infrared or Cable to a PC, thereby allowing the computer make changes or control your phone. Your contacts, photos, messages or other data can be synchronized, edited, deleted, back up of data via computer. This software supports large variety of phone brands such as LG, Samsung, HTC, Sony etc. and also makes you platform independent i.e. it supports various mobile OS such as iOS, Android, Symbian, Bada etc. However, to buy this program you need to make your pocket pretty loose but its worth to the price.

If you are looking to do more than the basics of Bluetooth then you need to download some software listed above ( ). However, you have to download one of the many Bluetooth Software mentioned above but all have different features and works with different devices and fulfill specific requirements.

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