Tips to Finding A Good Family Lawyer

Knowing when and why you may need a family lawyer is something many people don’t think about – until the last minute. Be it a divorce, a family dispute, or adoption, family lawyers are there for the best and the worst. Finding a good family lawyer that will represent you through a messy breakup can sometimes feel like an extra thing to worry about. Having the pressure of choosing someone who will understand and prioritise your rights can be overwhelming, so here are some tips to make this process more hassle free.



 Start your search early


Giving yourself enough time to prepare both emotionally and financially can make all the difference to the outcome of your case. Being ahead of the game doesn’t mean you need a lawyer on call 24/7. Just knowing who to turn to and when can be a great relief. Divorce can often be a turbulent time in anyone’s life, with emotions running high, keeping a level head, and looking out for yourself is the most important thing. Finding a law firm that is easily contactable and willing to meet for a free consultation is often an ideal way to start your search.



Check reviews


Always check reviews. Most reputable law firms will display client reviews and testimonials on their websites. It’s hard to know what’s quality when many firms boast high success rates and a strong client focus. Good signs to look out for are firms that prioritise client confidentiality and are transparent about their team and their education. Find out if the client reviews match what is advertised on a firm’s website. Many firms will advertise as being specialists in a particular area of law. Check to see that your situation matches the expertise of the lawyers at the firm. Everyone’s situation will be slightly different – making sure you’re in the right hands means everything.


When writing your review, take care to accurately and honestly rate your experience. This information will go on to serve a future client in their search for a firm.



Choosing a firm

There are many reasons why you may pick a particular firm over the next one. Location is an important factor that can be easily overlooked. If you need to travel to the firm to assist with your case, choosing one that’s close to your work or home is always best. If your lawyer needs to visit you, they may charge a call-out fee, which can get expensive.

Pick a firm that also feels compatible based on price and your expectations. It helps to know your desired outcome in a case, moving forward with that knowledge and a sound budget can make this process much easier. Being open with your firm about what you hope to gain and also what you might be willing to concede will greatly assist you down the track.



Know your budget


Divorces can be expensive, and while amicable breakups can be facilitated, sometimes they do not go to plan. Conflict can be both stressful and time consuming, so picking your battles wisely can reduce stress and ultimately save you money. Choosing not to put everything on the line just for the sake of ‘winning’ is also worth considering. Knowing if your interests are purely financial or whether there are other family members involved that you’d like accounted for will be a building block for your case. Knowing your boundaries and personal history with your partner will also play a huge role in how and where you choose to fight your case.



Choosing a lawyer


After you know which firm will best support your interest, choosing a lawyer to work with is an important step. Many of the best family lawyers in Perth value compatibility with their client and so should you. Matching personality with talent is important. The most expensive lawyer in the firm may not be the right one for you. Getting a feel for how they work, what their educational background is like could play a part in your decision on whether to go forward. Sometimes it’s a gut feeling, other times you can tell by looking at reviews or even by word of mouth – don’t feel pressured to say yes after the first consultation. If you’re early in the game, use your time effectively to get this step right – it’s arguably the most important.



Build trust over time


Building trust between yourself and your lawyer will make the process as smooth as possible. Your lawyer will be trained in building this relationship, so they will take the lead on many things, so trusting in their process and knowing they are aligned with your best interests is what makes a good family lawyer worth every penny.


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