Things To Consider When Choosing An Online File Sharing Service

File Sharing

At the moment there are literally dozens of different online file sharing sites that you can go to. Some of them are free while others are paid. Choosing the best option can be really difficult since you need to think about some aspects while you might just be focused on some facts that are not really so important.

Online File Sharing Service Things To Consider When Choosing An Online File Sharing ServiceWe will now talk about the most important facts that you have to consider when you choose such a service. That will definitely help you to make the correct choice.

Online File Visibility

Will the file you upload be visible for everyone or just the people that you will send a link to? That is extremely important in the event that you plan on sharing some files that contain sensitive information or for business users in general.

How Large Can The File Be?

Quite often people share really large video clips through online file sharing services like ShareFile. There is this belief that it is always possible to send a really large file. Those that think like this will undoubtedly end up investing a lot of time in finding a solution that offers large file transfer. While what is large for one person may not be large for another, if you plan on sending DVD images or equally sized archives, you will most likely need to go for paid sharing services.

FTP – Non FTP Upload

Contrary to what you might think, most of the file sharing services online force you to use FTP to upload your files. If you are not tech savvy, you will need to find one that has an online visual interface that is accessible through a regular web browser while under a secured transfer protocol.


Since we touched on this with the FTP topic above, we should expand a little. There are various things that can be said about security from what we need when we upload the file so that a hacker cannot identify an access route to our computer to the actual safety of the file after it is uploaded. It is very important that the service provider offers backups and security protocols. Backups are necessary in the event a server failure happens, which is a lot more common than what we might be tempted to believe right now.

Number Of Users

This is one factor that many do not consider but you should take a look at it. In the event that there is no mention about the number of users that currently utilized a specific file sharing service, you can be sure that it is lower than what the owners might want to have. A serious firm with a good service will be proud to highlight how many people used the file sharing option in the past. The more people you see listed or the more files that were transferred, the bigger the possibility that you have found a great option.

Always analyze what was mentioned above and you will surely choose a correct file sharing provider. Always think about personal needs first since that is what is very important. For instance, if you want more security, focus on that.

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