The Top Mobile Payment Apps to Use for Your Small Business

If you own a small business and are looking at how to advance your company’s payment methods, investing in a mobile app that allows transactions is the way to go. We are moving away from a cash-based society and more towards a mobile payment way of life.


Experts at Merchant Savvy have reported that “Global use of mobile payments forecast to increase in the next 3 years, and overtake credit cards and cash.” In order for your business to stay up to date, it is critical for you to make mobile payments an option, especially if your target clients are younger.


There are many apps to use for accepting your money, and we are going to tell you all you need to know about the best ones!



If you run an apartment block or own a laundry matt, Shinepay is an excellent way to switch from a coin based company to a mobile one!


Experts at Shinepay state that having an apartment laundry app will “attract new residents and add value to your property.” This is wonderful if you are trying to expand your renting business and making more money.


Shinepay is easy to install in apartment buildings or laundry mats, and your clients will love how convenient it is to use with the app. They’ll save time and will no longer have to save their quarters to do laundry.


With Shinepay, there is a one-time payment of $149 to install the Bluetooth Spark. There is a 3.9% transaction fee also.


Shinepay creates reports automatically, so you can easily manage all of the money coming in through laundry mobile payments. You can then withdraw your money into your bank from the site. It is straightforward to use for both you and your clients!


PayPal Here

Everyone is familiar with Paypal as an excellent online payment method, but now they have PayPal Here as a mobile app. It’s designed similarly, but transactions are through a smartphone connected card reader.


PayPal Here accepts payments for all types of businesses and is perfect for those who are already using PayPal as an online payment option because you can use the same account. You will have to get the Mobile Card Reader to receive mobile payments. This will also accept debit cards and credit cards with magnetic strips or chips. It also takes Apple Pay.


There are no annual or set up fees to use PayPal Here. There is a 2.7% transaction cost when customers swipe their cards. The fee for scanned transactions is 3.5% + $0.15. If it’s an international card or bank, the costs are slightly higher.


This is an excellent option for those small businesses who have instore and online shopping. You will not have to balance two different processing companies, which will make managing your company easier.



Square is another fantastic mobile payment option. Their main goal is to provide small businesses with a low-cost payment method in order to succeed and grow. The company has progressed majorly since its beginnings and wants to find more ways to cut costs for its users.


The Square accepts all major credit card companies and works for all types of smartphones. Based on how many payment options you want for your company, the Square can accommodate. They offer card swiping, chip readers, mobile, or a three in one option.


The fee for transactions is 2.75% and for registered customers it is 2.5% + $.10. There are no annual fees to use the Square; however, you have to pay for the device to accept payments.


For the basic Square swipe reader, it’s free. If you want the chip reader, you can pay a one time $29 for the reader. To have a mobile payment with Apple Pay or Google Pay, the reader is $49. The best option is to have the reader that is equipped to accept all three, which will cost you $129.



Flint is perfect for those business owners who want to use CNP transactions or “Card Not Present” payments. This company uses a scanner that is on your smartphone’s camera. It scans the card with the camera to grab the card numbers and expiration date without an attachment.


A pro to using Flint is that it eliminates swiping fraudulent chip debit or credit cards. Flint offers different types of plans that businesses can use. The free program includes a mobile point of sale or, mPOS, processing technology that can be used unlimitedly. Also, 10 invoices a year, but no online sales.


The Pro Plan is a flat fee of $99.99 for a year or $9.99 a month. This includes unlimited mPOS processing as well, unlimited invoices, and unlimited online sales. This is great for those companies that work both online and instore.

The Bottom Line

An excellent way for small businesses to grow is to have multiple payment methods, so they don’t have to turn down clients who are unable to pay using cash. As we move to a more mobile-based society, companies need to adapt as well.


The top mobile payment methods we found are Shinepay, PayPal Here, Square, and Flint. These are not the only options, but are perfect for any small business!

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