The Most Important Things to Do After Being Injured in a Car Crash

Big or small, there’s nothing good about a car accident. Even the tiniest fender bender causes insurance headaches, legal statements, and (chances are) cash out of your pocket. In more extreme circumstances, where one or more people are injured, there are some important rules of thumb to follow, regardless of severity. Here are some tips to follow at the scene before contacting car accident law firm clearwater florida.


Safety First

Above all else, make sure you and the occupants of the other vehicle are not in danger of further injury. Many people have the misconception that it is illegal or unwise to move a vehicle after an accident, and that simply isn’t true. If your car can be moved, drive it to a shoulder of the road, or similar safe place, and indicate for the other driver to do the same. If you, your passengers, or anyone in the other vehicle cannot move, is bleeding, or is trapped inside the vehicle, call 911 immediately.

Don’t Admit Fault!

Emotions and adrenaline are high after a car accident, and you may not be thinking clearly. But a car accident law firm Clearwater Florida advises you to burn this into your memory: DO NOT ADMIT FAULT! Saying “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t see you,” or “That was totally my fault,” will only hurt your insurance claim. Think of it in a similar way to your Miranda rights; anything you say can and will be used against you.

Contact the Police

Even if there are no injuries, even if the accident was caused by a natural event like ice or falling rocks, and even if the damage is minimal, call the police! Insurance companies and lawyers’ first stop in determining damages and claims is to read the police report.

Take Pictures

You more than likely are carrying a cell phone that can take pictures. If you can safely move around the vehicles, take pictures of any scuffs, dents, cracks, or other issues to further document them.

Don’t Discuss Details Until Police Arrive

When a police officer arrives, they will objectively take statements from both parties and know the right questions to ask to try to recreate the scenario that lead to the accident. Any car accident law firm clearwater florida will tell you not to discuss what happened with the other driver or passengers until the police arrive.

Car accidents are terrible things, but remember to keep your cool and follow these guidelines, to help your case with insurance and lawyers.

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