The Most Hardcore Items of Technology

When it comes to technology, the last thing that we think about is using it hardcore situations. We usually care for our laptops, tablets and other computers as if they were our own children, so the idea of taking this sort of technology into harsh operating environments is a pretty alien one.


There are situations, however, where hardcore items of technology are needed. Rugged laptops and hand-held PCs, such as those provided by Grid Defence Systems, are used by the British armed forces for maximum accuracy and are designed to withstand high-pressure conditions. Much like soldiers, hardcore technology needs to go where many others wouldn’t venture. Here’s a roundup of the most hardcore pieces of technology available today:


Laptops & Tablets

The rugged laptop needs to be able to do everything that a standard laptop can do, but also be able to withstand harsh environments. The GRiDCASE 1595 laptop can be used at temperatures from -28°C to (+)55°C, and, when turned off, it can go even further. It works perfectly at an altitude of up to 15,000m and will still function in unsteady environments. It can also work in up to 95 per cent humidity.


A hardcore tablet needs to have similar credentials to the GRiDCASE laptop. The GRiDCASE tablet is also fully sealed, lowering the risk of dust and sand getting inside.


Rackmount PCs

These PCs have the added protection of a rack mount, meaning that physical damage is even less likely to occur. However, just because it’s robust doesn’t mean that the quality of the computer is reduced. The GRiD KYM rackmount PC is the perfect example of this. Whilst being well protected, the computer itself has a 15” LED backlit display and high quality graphics, as well as being able to perform all the functions that are necessary whilst out in harsh field environments.


However, whilst it`s important that these pieces of kit are hardcore in a physical sense, it’s also vital that the technology itself is reliable and strong. If the technology fails when out in harsh conditions, the result could be catastrophic. This technology needs to be hardcore in every way – both physically, and to protect itself from viruses and hackers.


In today’s technology-driven world, having such items is essential for the military to carry out their duties. These intelligent pieces of equipment have been designed to the highest standard and can be easily integrated into a variety of applications.

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