The Biggest Advantages Offered to Business Travellers by Today’s Best Technology


We all know that modern technology is wonderful for entertaining us and letting us enjoy a more exciting personal life. However, as well as this it is worth considering how much the latest technology can help business travellers too. As well as some of the most common devices and techniques you might be surprised to find other modern ideas for making business trips easier and more rewarding thanks to technology.    

businesstraveler The Biggest Advantages Offered to Business Travellers by Today’s Best Technology

Always Get the Same Experience, Wherever You Are

For business people a trip abroad has always been a part of the job. Foreign lands offer the chance to make new contacts, buy innovative products and extend the reach of their brand. However, this had traditionally meant losing the comfort of being in your office with everything you are used to. Even simple things like making a phone call back to base or delivering a presentation could be a nightmare when you were faced with gadgets you weren’t used to.  Nowadays, we can take away our tablets, our laptops, our pocket projectors and our phones so that we can do everything needing done on a device we are comfortable with. These are the most basic business travel gadgets and there are now ways of making these devices do just about anything needing done on a business trip, from delivering a top class presentation to analysing complex data and even accepting payment for your services.  This means that you will look professional and in control even when you have just stepped off the plane and haven’t yet get your bearings.

Never Be Out of Reach

The ability to carry on with your normal business wherever you are is one of the key benefits offered by current technology. In the not too distant past, a trip abroad or a sustained spell out of the office meant being completely out of reach for both colleagues and customers. These days, all you need is your phone and a few choice app in order to carry on doing business as normal. In fact, no one even needs to know that you are away from your office in most cases. A good example of how you can carry on with business as normal even when you are out and about comes with the modern teleconferencing equipment and facilities now available. Teleconferencing has been around for a while but in the past it was only really possible to hook up with other people when you were sitting in front of a special machine in a fixed location. It was still a fantastic way of arranging meetings but its flexibility was extremely limited. Modern advances have meant that it is now possible to carry out a high quality conference meeting whether you are in airport, in a train, in a restaurant or on the beach. The ability to be able to speak to others instantly and without any hassle is hugely important to many businesspeople these days and this type of technology now makes it simple to do this. Just as important the simplicity is the fact that the quality is now so good that you can almost imagine that you are all sitting in the same room together.

Stay Connected

Staying connected sounds kind of similar to the last point but let’s look at it from a different angle. You might have your phone with you but what if you can’t get connected to the internet or if it costs a lot of money to do so? A lot of good the phone will do you if you can’t use it to do what you need it for. A personal Wi-Fi hotspot is an incredibly handy little device that you can use to make sure that you take the internet with you wherever you go. The Apple Airport Express offers an easy way to get connected as well. You can use this as a versatile mobile router which lets up to 50 users get access to Wi-Fi when you travel.

Don’t Lose Your Information

Using cloud storage facilities to keep vital business documents safe is now such an established way of working that it is difficult to remember how difficult it used to be in the past to keep information safe while travelling. Even if we are given paper documents on our travels we can scan them with our phone and upload them to the cloud right away. This isn’t just about keeping things safe though. The use of cloud storage gives a lot more benefits than just having a handy place to put all of your most important documents. It also means that someone back in your head office can start analysing the documents and working on them while you are still in a meeting with the clients. They can then upload for you whatever you need in order to close the deal or keep the customer happy. This kind of slick way of doing business around the world would have sounded like something from a science fiction movie a few years ago but now it is common practise to do this kind of thing.

Make the Trip Easier

As well as the business side of the trip it is also worth considering that the most exciting new technology also lets us enjoy easier trips with less stress and potential problems. For a start, our phones can help us out in a huge number of ways. Before starting the journey to a distant land we can learn some of the language, get a currency calculator app downloaded, work out our travel plans and see what hotel we want to stay in. This is all pretty common stuff these days but what about newer and more advanced gadgets for business travellers?  Ultra slim battery chargers, handheld personal navigators and hi-tech water purifiers are all devices which can make like easier for business travellers now. If you want to, you can even head off with a Swiss Army USB Flash Drive that incorporates all manner of sharp and pointy things as well as some valuable storage space.

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