The benefits of using consultancy services

There is an increasing number of businesses turning to external consultancy services to help solve their business problems. More often than not, the need for consultancy arises when in-house staff lack the required knowledge and skills to solve technical issues. If you are unsure whether or not your business can benefit from a consultant, take a look at this simple guide.


Meet short-term needs


Engaging a consultant can be extremely beneficial for businesses that have short-term needs. Utilising a consultancy service is ideal for organisations that require specialist knowledge but do not necessarily need to hire a permanent member of staff. For example, if you are starting a business or changing your health and safety management system, professional consultants like Phoenix Health and Safety can offer their expert knowledge, as and when you need it. This added flexibility means that if your needs change, or you no longer require their service, you can avoid having to get terminate full time employees.


Expert knowledge


Consultants often have a specific skill-set that is not available in-house. Especially with small companies, internal staff may lack the sufficient knowledge to help you solve technical problems. Consultants usually have years of experience in a particular industry and are aware of what is likely to be successful, which in turn, will help you to achieve your business goals more effectively. What’s more, they can also provide you and your staff with a better understanding of the area in which you need additional help.




Utilising a consultancy service can make you savings in time and money. While hiring a consultant may be expensive at first, they can save you money further down the line by helping your business avoid costly mistakes that you may not have pre-empted. Having internal staff try to solve technical problems that are far removed from their daily jobs will affect your bottom line. However, outsourcing work will help to target your problems in a time-efficient manner and free up more time for critical business issues.


An outside point of view


If something has been done a certain way for a number of years, it may be difficult for members of staff to identify where the problems lies. Some employees may also feel uncomfortable offering information for fear of offending colleagues. An external consultant is likely to have more of an objective stance than in-house members of staff and will be able to quickly spot the areas that are causing problems.



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