Technology Trends for Businesses in 2019

Technology continues to evolve and play a major role in every aspect of our lives. This is no different in 2019 and in business and even gaming, with people using the play on starburst for the best offers available.  Here we cover technology trends that are likely to continue to make a difference for businesses moving forward.


  • Blockchain Technology


Blockchain technology has continued to evolve, with many of this down to the emergence of cryptocurrencies in recent times. This technology is all about how our transactions can be processed. It works through them being stored and reviewed in a chain of transaction blocks. This therefore makes them very secure. Another example of this in business, is smart contracts. These are a positive move as they eliminate third party costs for businesses. A further example if crowdfunding. This is where individuals and businesses can invest in projects that they feel are worthwhile.


  • IoT – Internet of Things


These have long been known for their impact in homes with the likes of washing machines and refrigerators. However, these are now moving into businesses, such as helping with production development and logistics. This has ultimately created an ‘Intelligent factory’. This can therefore help businesses to become more efficient and results in fewer internal issues. Many other fields are also already in the process of creating these different projects such as Airbus, who are working on the ‘Factory of the Future’.


  • Chatbots and Voice Assistants


These have already become a key part of everyday life for most. It is all about helping to improve the overall customer experience through the service and marketing. Voice assistants have also increased greatly, which provides companies with a unique way of communication with their customers. This is only set to grow moving forward. These systems are also now helping speed up processes within businesses. This includes making work as efficient as possible and can be used to arrange meetings or booking conference rooms out. Both are only set to become more and more popular within businesses.


  • AI – Artificial Intelligence


AI continues to improve dramatically and is playing a role in all aspects of life. Examples include it helping with improvements in natural language processing, as well as in data analysis and marketing automation. The future of AI is limitless and it is only set to increase its impact in businesses. Major changes can be expected for most companies in the coming years with the continued growth of technology.



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