Technology impact on Businesses

As technology continues to evolve it is no surprise it is now playing a key role in virtually everything in modern day society, such as in the function of a business. It really is difficult to imagine operating even small businesses without the basic level of technology used. This includes the use of a computer in order to send and receive emails, as well as keeping company records. Technology is certainly helping to speed up the process of things and because of the competitive industry means there are some great deals available. This includes looking at the review of Pokerstars or other sites in order to get the best deals on products for your business.


  • Communication


Technology also has its negatives within the workplace. Of course it makes it easier for co-workers to communicate efficiently at all times through email, with Slack now being used in many offices around the country. This will help to speed up the process rather than people walking across the office to pass a message on. However this could also be a negative, as workers get distracted from their work whilst using social media platforms. Also if all communication is done through online messaging it doesn’t replace face to face contact, which can be the key to building a strong team and relationships.


  • Save money?


Technology can both save money and also result in extra costs. Of course it helps to save time, and less hours required from staff, which results in money saved. On the flip side updated technology such as new computers, software and even the training required for staff can result in a lot of expense. This means working out whether doing so is worthwhile.


  • Security risk


We are always hearing about privacy risks with data, with more and more scams now taking place. This means the increased risk for businesses in keeping their customers data safe. Through the enhanced use of technology within a business, this is only going to increase the risk. Collecting this data is normally used as a means of targeting advertising and promotions to previous customers to upsell them. This is also something that can be used within the work force through monitoring staff by using technology.


  • Effect on Jobs


Technological advances are having effects on industry workplaces such as manufacturing companies. It is worrying times for workers as machines are now able to do the job of humans in some cases. These can improve productivity and it means less overhead costs for the business owner. This results in loss of jobs for people and less jobs available, which can only be a negative for the industry.



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