How a Surveyor Can Help You in Property Valuation

The main goal in asking a property surveyor to come to your place and check the property is to get an estimated value of the property. You want to make sure that if you put the property on the market soon, it will be sold at an accurate price. Of course, you don’t want to just let go of a property without maximising any profit to be had.

Preparing for valuation

It’s good advice to fix the place up before asking a surveyor to come over. Make sure that the furniture is in the right place and every detail is perfect. You should also pay attention to anything that needs to be repaired or even remodelled.

There is nothing wrong if you decide to remodel or make improvements if you deem them necessary to increase the value of your property. If you carry out such changes, whoever buys your property will undoubtedly appreciate them.

When you have done any changes, you should keep the receipts as proof of what was actually done. Include all the details such as the cost of the materials and the labour. They will be included in the assessment by the property surveyor.

Avoid just estimating the price of the renovations or changes. Unless you have proof that those changes were recently done, it will be difficult for you to prove the added value; so, keeping all receipts is a must.

The surveyor will know

Professional surveyors are experienced. They have seen many properties in the past. They might have even seen one in your neighbourhood. They will know exactly where to look and what to look for. Avoid trying to cover problematic items with a temporary repair, as the surveyor will be able to spot it.

Don’t worry about problems lowering the value of the property. You can decide whether it’s worth attending to any highlighted problem areas or not once the evaluation is complete. You can always ask for a second valuation based on any repairs or improvements which are subsequently carried out following the initial valuation report.

The surveyor will be very detailed in checking every aspect of the property, and will be able to determine if an issue is a major one, and should be addressed before selling, or simply a minor issue which does not greatly affect the integrity or value of the property.

It is understandable if you want to sell the property at a high price, but you have to be realistic. If you have property in the Essex area, consider asking a local building surveyor Essex offers to inspect your property and provide an accurate valuation based on the current condition of your property and the local housing market.

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