How to Specify and Install Your Own Business Security System

Do you worry about your business security out of hours?

Do you need an intruder alert during office hours?

Are you horrified by the reports you read about alarm company rip-offs?

Business security systems need to be custom-designed to fit all your needs. Your system will must include an intruder alert system during hours of operation to protect employees and a monitoring service you can rely on.

Would your business go bust if someone stole your office computer with all your customer data on it? We all know local data storage is poor practice, but we all do it to some extent. Elementary security will help, but cloud data storage and encryption are the best answers, alongside a monitored alarm system.

Why Choose DIY Alarm Installation?

If you want to ensure the safety and security of your employees and business equipment at minimum cost, then a DIY installed alarm system is the way to go. If you pay a guy to fit a wireless alarm system, he will charge you labor at $100 per hour to run around drilling holes in your walls to install sensors and sirens. And he will make sure the job takes four or five hours to make it worth his while.

You get better security for your money if all your outlay goes on system components rather than labor to fit them.

You know your premises better than anyone else. You know the way people work and the vulnerabilities in your building, so you can work out what sensors are needed. Modern sensors, keypads, and sirens have sticky tape on the back to mount them on walls, window frames, and doors, so you won’t need to be an expert with a drill.

Why Choose a Wireless Alarm?

Running wires around your premises is a lot of work, so it takes longer and is more expensive. Adding components to a wired system is a complicated process, but this will become necessary as your work practices change. The only time a wired alarm makes sense for a small business is in a new-build situation.

In a wireless alarm system, the components are linked by wireless signals to a central control unit. Installing the system is only a matter of placing the sensors around your offices.

Monitoring Contracts

Your monitoring company will phone you when your alarm is activated and will then call your local police department if the alarm is genuine. Your system will dial out using either a landline or a cellular signal. Beware of companies that spring you for the cost of a monthly mobile contract on top of their monitoring charges.

Most alarm companies lure customers in with a low installation cost and then lock them into a three-year monitoring contract at $50 or more every month. There is no escape clause and no way to get out of the contract if you are unhappy.

How to Specify Your Business Security System

There are two elements of cost; installation and monitoring. Monthly monitoring charges soon come to more than your installation costs, so you need to consider your outlay over a three-year period to compare different systems’ costs.

You will need a system that you can set in a limited mode during office hours. This will allow you to disable movement sensors when employees are present and to alarm your external door to prevent walk-in intruders, increasing staff safety.

Your premises may be empty at weekends or overnight, so your system must include flood, carbon monoxide, and smoke sensors.


The best contract deal is with Simplisafe. This company offers a monthly rolling monitoring contract that you can cancel at any time at a much lower cost than its competitors. You have the option of monitoring your security system and cameras from your cell phone, which will ease your mind in the event of a false alarm.


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Simplisafe has an open communication policy, so you can check out SimpliSafe’s Facebook page to see what other buyers say. If you are looking for an independent third-party review, SimpliSafe has gotten favorable reviews at ASecureLife with a scoring of 3.55 / 5.


In less than 60 minutes you can install your own monitored wireless alarm system with door, window, water and movement sensors, without even touching a drill or screwdriver.

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