Smart Phones Currently on The Horizon

It’s been roughly a decade since the first, true smart phones hit the market, and in that relatively short span of time, they have completely changed the modern world in every conceivable way.

What was once nothing more than science fiction being now already a normal part of our lives but are still seeing new and fascinating new innovations hitting the market every year. Android, the OS created and maintained by Google, has been leading the pack in terms of sheer popularity.

Currently, the reigning king of the smart phone world is the Samsung S8 with the S9 also making waves. The S8 is a device powerful enough to rival even the top personal computers of just a few years ago. It can do just about anything you ask of it short of living your life personally.

Email, games, video call, endless apps, and even other uses like online betting are now the staple of any good smart phone. But if devices like the S8 or the upcoming S9 have become a little too mainstream for you, there are several new devices coming out later this year that are worth checking out.

Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact

Sony has never been far behind Samsung, and their devices have been a testament to their focus on quality and practicability.

One of the latest devices to grace their ever-expanding range of phones is the XZ2 Compact, something more on the smaller side, but still packed to the brim with features. The XZ2 includes a 5-inch screen, a new Snapdragon processor, 4K HDR recording, 3D scanning, and more.


One of the biggest problems with buying an expensive smart phone is the fragility of the thing, and how easily it can break from a drop.

To avoid this problem, companies like CAT have been designing phones that are impervious to most forms of physical damage. The CAT S61 is the best they have to offer, and comes complete with full waterproofing, drop-resistance, long battery life, and air quality and humidity sensors.

Nokia 9

After Microsoft bought Nokia out, the once unrivalled company quickly saw dropping popularity, and they all but faded into obscurity. Nokia is once again free, however, and with their new freedom comes a new device, the Nokia 9. With two 22mp cameras, a Snapdragon octocore processor, 5GB of RAM, and an Adreno 540 GPU, the 9 is set to rival that of Samsung’s flagship phone, and making it idea for gaming on the go too.

Honor View 10

The Honor View 10 is said to be on its way to a wider audience later in the year, and it’s currently one of the best phones in the world, especially considering its small asking price.

With a 6-inch LCD display, 16/20mp cameras, and a Kirin 970 processor, it’s a powerful contender for a low asking price.

Blackberry Motion

Like Nokia, Blackberry once held a large portion of the smart phone market, but it didn’t last long. The company has gone through some incredibly hard times, but have come out on the other side with their latest invention – the Blackberry Motion.

Similar in specs to the Samsung S6, and featuring Android 7.1.1, the Motion differs thanks to its custom software, such as cloud-based password managers and a privacy locker.

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