How to Sign Up for a Google AdWords Account

Are you ready to take your business to the next level online? Google AdWords and PPC is an effective way to get your business noticed and to create more conversions using online ads that are tailored to your company’s goals and budget. Below, we take you through how exactly you can sign up for your own Google AdWords account.

Create an Email Address

If you do not already have an email address, this is the first thing that you will need to do before you sign up for your Google AdWords account. The only other thing that you will need to get started is your business website! Having an easy to use, aesthetically pleasing site which customers enjoy using will help you massively when running any campaigns as Google will recognise the quality of your website and you can enjoy lower cost per clicks. Don’t have a website for your business just yet? Not to worry as you can instead use Google’s AdWords Express! This allows you to create an ad in just 15 minutes.

Enter Your Business Information

The next stage of setting up your Google AdWords account is to enter a few key details about your business. When you give Google this basic information, it can then use it to customise your account setup. First, enter the email address you want to use for your new account and enter your business website address. You will then either have the option to sign in to your existing Google account or you can choose to create a new one. Follow the simple instructions onscreen and you can create your new account within minutes. It is worth noting that when you sign into your new account, based on Google’s analysis of your website, it may recommend to instead use AdWords Express. The key difference here is that when you use AdWords you are responsible for the AdWords campaign management, however, with AdWords Express, your account will be managed for you.

AdWords vs AdWords Express

While AdWords Express may seem like the ideal option on paper, this may not be the case. Being able to focus on growing your business and keeping customers happy whilst allowing Google to manage your campaign does, in theory, sound fantastic! However, this means you have no control over your ad campaign and you are far less likely to get great results. Chances are, you will need to spend a lot more money to get anywhere near the same results as you would for a managed campaign. For this reason, we would definitely recommend that you instead use the Adwords system. The AdWords system is far more time consuming, but you will see much better results. A happy medium here is to use a digital marketing agency. PPC experts have the time and expertise to set up and manage your campaign for improved traffic and conversions on site, giving you the time to focus on your day to day business tasks.


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