Services From Level770

Level770 is a company that has over 10 years of experience in the fields of online trading technologies and operational and full managerial services. They have several different types of services and they all are designed to make life easier. This article is going to take a look at these services and explain them a little bit.

Escort & Supervision

These services mean that Level 770 will be there to teach you and be there for any support you need. They will give you their full and undivided attention. They will be there throughout the entire process of you starting your business and getting it up off the ground.

Trading Brands

Your call center will have access to an entire list of trading brands. This means you’ll have quite a few different leads and you’ll know what each client needs and how to meet those needs.

Trading Platforms

These services make it so investors can open, close, and manage different financial products. They give you multiple different platforms that you can access anywhere anytime. Each platform has several different tools to help you manage clients. In addition, you’ll have online training on how to use each platform.

CRM System

CRM means customer relationship management and it’s a system that tracks how you interact with your customers. You’ll be able to see what needs improved and what makes the biggest impact.This will end up helping you get more sales and clients.

VOIP System

VoIP means voice over internet protocol and it’s software that lets you make telephone calls over the internet. Having these services available can make your business save money because you don’t have to pay for any intricate phone systems.

Regulative Authorizations

The great thing about the trading brands that Level 770 offers is that they are all registered with regulatory authorization companies and are within the guidelines of trading inside of European markets.

Business Development Services

Not only will you be supported from the moment you bring your business plan, but you’ll be supported all the way through setting up your call center. You can also get training and skills to help you grow your business even more.

Sales Training

One-on-one training is offered for sales associates and managers. Not only are scripts provided, but so are the recording and analysis of sales calls. They also give feedback in order to let you know where improvement needs to be made.

Banking & Clearing

Your business will have several different options in terms of processing debit and credit cards. They also offer options for wire transfers and online wallets as ways to fund. This means that your clients will be able to deposit money regardless of their location.

Compliance Services

Another thing they offer is legal verification for any trading that happens with the clients. This helps ensure that the client is who they say they are. Some services this pertains to are: deposits, withdrawals, and legal applications.

24/7 Dealing Services

This service lets your company buy, share, and sell stock shares. You would use their dealing services and it’s available all day, everyday. They have trained professionals there to answer any and all questions.


This service is optional but will help you be able to work with members of Level770 members to come up with a marketing strategy that will reach clients in all the locations you want. They will help you make your strategy top notch and effective.

Risk Management

The final service they offer is to give you an idea of any outcomes that will happen based on the financial decision you make. This will help you to figure out what is worth the risk and what isn’t.

As you can see, Level770 offers many different services and there are a lot of benefits to using them for your company. If you are in need of any of these services or you’re interested in upgrading, then get in touch with Level 770 and they will be able to help you!

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