SEO Content: This is what your Business needs for Customers and Google in 2018

Content is king. Probably you have heard this phrase over and over when it comes to online marketing and SEO strategy. If you intend to build a blog audience and rank better on search engines, you should get smarter with your content. Studies show that the most common challenge that content marketers and bloggers face is creating SEO content that can also appeal to customers and other internet users.

Here are important aspects of SEO content writing and the nature of content that your business website needs.

Content quality

Are you creating excellent content for your site? If you are selling products or services, you should go beyond creating a simple brochure containing the same information that your audience can find in thousands of other websites.

Create comprehensive pieces of content that can keep internet users on your website for a long time. Offer something valuable and unique that can’t be found on other sites within your industry. Content quality isn’t an element that can be ignored. Indeed, it’s the cornerstone on which all other factors associated with SEO and search engine ranking depend.

Keywords research and use

Focus on creating great content around the actual search phrases your target audience is using. That’s the only way you can create content that answers your customers’ questions. You won’t find the right list of keywords (search phrases published anywhere), and thus, it’s your responsibility to use the most effective keyword research approach to know the most appropriate keywords.

Keyword research and using those search phrases in your content are different things. If you had already created content before you did keyword research, consider revisiting your content and edit it. The bottom line is, for your website pages to be found for specific words, it’s wise to use those specific phrases in your content.

Content freshness

Google and other search engines tend to favor new (fresh) content. Well, updating your website pages or create new pages for your site won’t give your site a freshness boost. Basically, Google does Query Deserved Freshness. If a specific search is increasingly becoming popular as compared to its normal activity, Google applies the QDF to determine if there is fresh content related to that search term. If there is, that fresh piece of content is prioritized in the search engine result pages.

If you create excellent content on the right topic when Query Deserved Freshness hits, your piece of content might appear in the top search results for several days or weeks. Note that your page might be shuffled back in the search results, not because of something wrong you did but because the freshness boost is wearing out.

Offer direct answers

Search engines such as Google are increasingly attempting to show direct answers within the search results pages. Queries such as ‘how old is President Trump?’ might a direct answer that doesn’t need you to click on a web page.

Though search engines license these answers, sometimes they draw them from directly from website pages and provide a link back as a credit. It’s wise to create direct answers content to increase the chances of ranking better on search engines and answering your customers’ questions.

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