How to Select the Ideal Promotional Giveaway for Your Customers

A promotional item is a part of business life – corporations spend a great deal of money ensuring they can give their potential customers or clients something tangible, something the person can remember them by. For good reason, of course, because the concept works, and time and time again the free giveaway proves to be a great investment.

However, for these promotional items to be efficient in their purpose, the marketing campaign must be targeted and thought through. Merely giving away free stuff on the street will never have the proper effect. Are you thinking about including some promotional materials into your marketing campaign? Here’s how to select the ideal promotional giveaways for your customers.

Define your goal

Giving away freebies could be an expensive undertaking, so make sure you are clear about why you are doing it. Why are you doing it? More specifically, what are you hoping to accomplish? Furthermore, how will you measure the success or failure of your project? Starting a marketing campaign is very exciting, but you should be able to write down your goal on paper, as detailed as possible. Only then can you think about a proper strategy and proper tactics.

What would your clientele like?

A little target demographic research is necessary if you are going to please the client or customer as best as possible. What do they like? What would they appreciate? What is most likely to make a lasting impact? Find out what your target client or customer is into, and try to find a gift that matches their personality.

Make it useful

Something that will be placed in the closet – or thrown away – is a useless gift. Make the free item something they can use; an item they use a lot is an item they will appreciate, as confirmed by promotional merchandise suppliers like, and this will reflect on your brand and company.

Delivery to the person

You can’t just start handing things out on the street – you need to be deliberate in your delivery. Where is your target located, and how do you ensure they get it in the most efficient way?

Expect something in return

Don’t just hand the item over. If the person to whom you are handing it has never heard of you, why not ask for an address or email so you can send some other promotional materials?

Two more things should be mentioned. First of all, make sure you include a call to action (Call us, or something similar), and your contact information. Your promotional material should act as a constant advertisement. Secondly, make it a high-quality product. Customers know quality when they see it, and it will reflect on your company and brand. With a little bit of imagination, you’re sure to find that perfect gift for your clients and potential clientele.

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