SBI Home Loan Interest Rate Vs HDFC Home Loan Interest Rate

Are you looking to get a home loan? Not sure which bank to opt for? Allow me to tell you that SBI is the best when it comes to home loans. Not only the interest rates, but the service provided by folks working in this bank is just fabulous. Well, I don’t think there is any need of my explanation in this aspect, as we all know that it is the biggest bank in India.

Home Loan Interest Rate The first thing that a person asks while opting for a home loan in any bank is the interest rate. In case you have made your mind to opt for SBI, or want to consider it, then you must be confused about what is SBI Home Loan Interest Rate, right? This question is quite natural to hit the mind, as after all, it’s the interest rate that works as the best deciding factor in taking home loans. Anyways, talking about the SBI Home Loan interest rate, let me tell you that it varies with the loan amount. The last change was brought in the month of February.

The SBI Home loan interest rate ( ) base rate is 9.70 percent per annum. This base rate is live with effect from 4th February, 2013. Up to amount of Rs. 30 lacs, the interest rate is 0.25 percent above base rate. Means, the effective rate is 9.95 p.a. The effective interest rate for the amount about 30 lacs is 10.10 p.a. Yeah, in this case, there is addition of 0.40 percent in the base rate. The effective rate in the both the cases is quite impressive, and is more than enough to catch one’s attraction.

Not only the interest rate is impressive, the service provided by SBI is commendable too. The friendly staff makes it easy to get loan from SBI. You can get all details about how to apply for loan by going to the nearest branch of SBI. If you don’t want to do that, then simply open up the SBI’s official website to perform the same task with ease.

Are you looking to get a home loan? I would suggest you to consider SBI for it. Read out this article to know about SBI Home loan interest rate.

HDFC Bank has setup a glowing name in the banking sector with its attractive offers, friendly service. When we talk about the private banks in India, this one stands among the best ones. The customer base of this bank is increasing with every passing day and you might be having your account in this bank. A few months back, I took home loan from HDFC bank, and was really impressed by their service. If you are also planning to get a home loan, then take time to check out what HDFC bank has got for you.

I know the biggest concern you are having in your mind is about HDFC home loan interest rate. Interest rate is what matter the most. HDFC Bank knows it pretty well, and that is why it has made the home loans available at attractive interest rate. Recently, there was announcement by HDFC that it has  increased the benchmark rates by 25 basis points. Of course, it’s bad news for all those of you who are opting for home loan at HDFC bank. But don’t panic! Still the interest rates are quite low as compared to those of industry rates.

Without wasting time anymore, let me tell you that HDFC home loan interest rate for amount up to Rs. 30 lacs is 10.40 percent. This interest rate may seem high at the first look, but if you do a deep research about the interest rate of other banks, then you will understand that it’s quite impressive one provided by HDFC Bank. If you are looking to take home loan of anywhere between 30 lacs and 75 lacs, then interest rate applicable is 10.65 percent. Yeah, addition of .25 to the base rate mentioned earlier. The interest is same even if you are opting for home loan of more than 75 lacs.

HDFC home loan interest rate that I wrote here in this article is the most up-to-date. If you found it interesting, then go ahead and contact your local branch manager right away.

Looking to take bank loan but not sure which bank to opt for? I would suggest you to go with HDFC Bank. Info about the HDFC home loan interest rate can be obtained from this article.

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