The Risks of Laser Hair Removal Treatment and How to Properly Deal with Burns and Injuries

Not many people may be aware of this, but there are certain risks associated with procedures such as laser hair removal treatments. One of the most common risks is the risk of a burn injury. The treatment is still very popular, though, because if done properly by a skilled technician who uses the right equipment, you can get rid of unwanted hair once and for all.

What you should know

But, as mentioned, laser hair removal treatments are not immune to risks. Some side effects include burn injuries, skin discolouration, scarring, skin rashes, skin infections, skin irritation, and more. These risks are exacerbated if the technician does not perform the proper procedure or if they do not have enough skill or training. You can also incur an injury due to the wrong choice of equipment or even improper after-care advice.

Burns are the most common type of injury related to laser hair removal treatment, and they can range from minor to severe. Burns due to laser hair removal treatment can result in skin redness and swelling, blisters, and, sometimes, skin discolouration or scarring.

What the specialist should do

It is important that the specialist give you a thorough explanation of the procedure and how it works before you go through with it. The technician should give you details regarding the risks associated with laser hair removal treatment, and they should also be willing to answer your questions and concerns. The technician should never ‘force’ you to go through with the procedure by offering a discount or dismissing your concerns.

The machine used for the procedure should also be appropriate for your skin type as well as your skin colour, and it should also be medical-grade.

If you suffer an injury

If you suffer a minor burn injury due to laser hair removal treatment, do not directly touch the burnt area. Rather, wrap ice in a towel and apply the towel to the burnt area for approximately ten minutes at a time for about one to two hours. Afterwards, you can apply some hydrocortisone cream to the area to soothe it and reduce any swelling. If your burn is severe, however, you should go to hospital immediately.

The technician and the owner of the salon should be informed right away if you suffer from a burn or other type of injury due to the laser hair removal treatment. They should give you the appropriate care as well. Burns from laser hair removal are becoming all too common, and it may be in your best interest to seek compensation – especially if the burn is painful, severe, has resulted in a lot of expense and trauma for you, both physically and psychologically, or has resulted in permanent or temporary scarring or discolouration.

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