Richard Blech: Biggest Threats to Your Company’s Valuable Data

Businesses today face a range of challenges for their continued success and growth. On the one hand they must be extremely aggressive because the competition is gotten so fierce. They must push the envelope and try new things that can assist with them being competitive in the worldwide marketplace. They must be vigilant about all changes to any part of their business or industry so that they can keep current with the tools and strategies that can help them thrive.

Additionally, they must train their employees to operate in fast-moving and uncertain business conditions and manage to keep those employees at their companies for long periods of time even as they are being offered will promising positions elsewhere.

In the midst of all of this is the company securing itself and its data. With the explosion of online activities this becomes harder every day. Businesses are challenged to operate on the internet but you also not let the internet threaten the business. Today companies invest millions in protecting their internet technology infrastructure from all likely threats. The greatest challenge about all of this is that things are complicated.

Threats and attacks can come from any direction and at any time. And those who launched these threats or constantly modifying the tools and approaches they use to steal company data. Companies will often call in experts like Richard Blech of secure channels which is a company that provides advanced cyber security tools for small and medium-sized businesses.  They will take on any threat no matter from where does being launched and by home. Here are some of the most active threats that companies face today regarding their valuable company data.

Viruses and Malware

It seems like since the beginning of the internet they have been viruses and malware and this is correct. These are old pieces of software are designed to disrupt systems within a computer. The reason that they are so prevalent and no one is able to in their threat, is because they’re constantly evolving to manipulate weaknesses in computer software or processes. As these deficiencies are discovered and closed, those who launched viral virus and malware attacks look for other opportunities. Since new versions of software always released, there’s always the chance that a virus or malware will constantly find weaknesses.  

These attack usually come from rogue emails sent to company employees or connected to the company servers. They may look like friendly notes from a well-known source that asks the employee to click on a link in the email. Once this happens, the virus might Wipe Out the entire system, hold it hostage, or simply lie dormant for a specific set of events to occur when it will then launch.

Where Hacks Happen

Mobile Devices: Cyber-attacks today often target mobile phones and other mobile devices. Employees often use their mobile devices to connect to company servers because it simplifies things for them. However strategy can open up the company’s entire computer system to malware. Employees will often download apps and other software onto their phones not knowing that these often free applications contain malicious malware. As the mobile device is connected to the company servers, these nasty pieces of software get into the main system and cause havoc.

Free Wi-Fi: another way that hackers can access accompanies computers is via free Wi-Fi.  The service is typically set up as way to lure in customers allowing them to access the internet while they are drinking their coffee or having a meal.  These companies that provide free Wi-Fi usually run their business process he’s on the same servers. As a result they can open themselves up to hacking or malware through the Wi-Fi that they are providing for free. Any company providing free Wi-Fi should offer it on a different server that is disconnected from the rest of the company in order to avoid being hacked.

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